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  1. yea soothin sands is right on this, also tom, thing is that once candies get used up those that hoard them immidiately use box to get more, so their hoarded pile never decreses and that the problem from wut i notice

  2. fenrir, the way ya are sayin it...

    [quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1337047018' post='111890']
    but it prevents them from using their abilities.

    I don't know, I just think it's funny that the fight isn't just who can attack each other the most, but who can use everything available to them the most efficiently.

    well then why stop at one spell rule, ya knuw some ppl are able to use bugs at their benefits, its just another tool at their disposal, why nut allow those? ya "earned" yoar item, ya should be able to "use" it, well there are ppl who took time and effort in discoverin bugs, many are fixed, some aint :P in other words why nut allow them to use wut they "earned", this just a rough example

    also unfair doesnt mean it has no rules, dont forget that

    explainin this rule to ya is the same as explainin to spartiatis about his death and drachs

    ya are just another one who sees somethin they dont like and starts whinin even though it has no sense, this is combat contest, if ya wanna participate and use tactics of evadin yoar enemies then RUN, realm is big enough

    also i bet that once there will be some counter-ghost spell, yoar ghost/invis spell will be allowed, everythin thats in contest must have its counterpart

  3. yep this is very confusin, the way that council worded it is quite strange, and the interpretation of that by chew and grido, is NORMAL way of playin alt, which then again brings us back to why council worded it like that: "storing creats on alt aint abuse"

    me would like to see council explainin clearly wut they meant so it couldnt be missinterpreted

  4. hmm so... if i accuire creats with main, put them on alt for age, and then sell them thats oke? since creats were initially of main acc and nut of alts

    ya guys confuse me, council says storin is not alt abuse, so really i dunt understand things nuw, how and wut to do, in order for it nut to be abuse?

  5. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1336828292' post='111667']
    In the case of trading coins between alts, you might use another account of yours to store and age creatures, and then sell them when they have "enough" age on them, transferring the coins onto your main account.


    wait we are allowed to do this?

    why the heck i bought creat slots when i have over 50 alts >_>

  6. lol dude....

    yeah i agree with wookie, gimp works perfectly fine, any image editin tool that is more advanced than paint has this option

    last time i checked adobe acrobat (pdf maker) has watermark feature since ages ago, i even think that ya can add watermark in ms word >_> however aint sure of it

  7. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1336444986' post='111271']
    In any other game where you might die, you would be reset, lose stats, equipment, creatures or whatever else you've listed, what have you actually lost here? You still retain everything on your account you had prior to being killed. There are even ways to be revived so that you can then use such things again.
    I am failing to understand your reasoning for asking for your avatars back here, you have lost absolutely nothing whatsoever, yet you seem to somehow believe you've lost everything. Death is not the end, it's merely another way to play.

    EXACTLY, qft

    man, ya brought yoarself in that situation, the one who killed ya had his reasons why he did it, and that WHY of his is influenced by wut ya did or didnt do (who killed ya anyway?)

    anyways, ya still have yoar drachs, the fact that ya cant use them ATM is completly different problem from wut ya ask in here, if there was situation in which ya wouldnt be able to do anythin with them, then yoar complain would be oke, but like this, ya still have drachs, ya can still trade them, ya can still keep them in yoar collection, ya can work onto revival (btw seighhart didnt do shit about his revival, follow his example and ask somebody to volunteer for yoars too, obviously only yoar initiative is needed)

    also its pointless to argue about this anymore, everythin has been said and it all feels like repeatin same things just said differently, we should wait for murs/councils reply on this, but anyway from legal point of view, those avys aint yoars anymore, ya got paid, ya spent yoar pay, and atm one useable option of yoar bought item became unavailable

    its like ya bought car, and all oil industries in world stopped pumpin oil becoz they dunt like the price and for next 3 months ya cant drive it :P

    ya may get pull longer straw, if murrey softens up however :D

  8. i bought aged+heated ones for around 7-10sc, that was few months ago
    then if i remember correctly sales such as those were goin around 4sc
    so yeah in total somewhere around 3-5sc? aprox at least by my observations on price movements on public trades

    edit: still depends on how realm situation changed, how much ppl have them, how much of them are willin to sale and at wut price and sooo on ofc :D and price is fair as long as both sides are happy ;)

  9. exactly correct word: SHOULD

    each game has its nut-fun part, ya hit that spot

    and also, nut all games are fun for some person, one person likes this kind of game, somebody else likes some other game, matter of taste as well

  10. seems this whole disscussion went totally offtopic

    umm ya got paid, ya spent credits, thats it, it is nowhere in shop stated that creats are used exclusively for fightin (speakin from legal point of view)

    more over, kill tools are there for a reason and are part of game, nuw... wut and why are they for? obvious observation would indicate that they are here so one can prevent somebody from doin certain things for very long period of time, but this is only tip of iceberg, ya all whineed that ya miss means to stop villains from doin bad things, nuw that ya got ultimate tools wooooah nuw ya guys became villans by yoarself, secondly i believe that this is just another way from mur tellin players that this aint another click-to-play game where ya admire artwork and grind shitty numbers, first hit was day of tranquility, and nuw kill tools

    oke lib wtf ya are talkin about, how can kill tools help with that? well its simple kill tools look most yummy to be used onto ppl that need to move around a lot and fight, so those ppl who are grindin those stupid numbers and do nothin else, so in 95% cases it will be used on fighters, that would mean they are prevented to fight until they got ressurected, but gettin ressurected aint that easy also, so it would take ya effort, and patience and shitload of time waitin, point in here is that ya dunt sit in front of yoar screen and wait, but to do somethin useful regardin other part of game

    its obvious that point and foundation of this game is gettin forgotten, this game is about thinking how do principles work and research of inner magic, all ya need is a lil of imagination, time, bit of common sense in field of logic and damn principle description, other part of game is roleplay, but not roleplay ya usually see it, rather one is supposed to build up his role, and nut only act it, but he should learn about it, if ya for example wanna be blacksmith oke fine, but then ya should learn about smithing techniques HOW IT IS ACTUALLY DONE, point is that ya encourage yoarself to learn about it, and nut just do *forges new sword*

    unique combat system? nah cant agree soz, back in 08... yeah it was when stats were low enough and didnt influenced it that much, but atm stats scaled up the roof, hit the sky and are still growin, i mean wtf, only thing unique is that ya need to "lose", ya need some sort of balance/semi-balance and the option that ya can kill yoar "pokemon" to get moar stats, seriously i dunt see much difference anymore between md creat fights and pokemons >_>

    md aint another click-to-advance game, end of story, that combat is here so ya can do somethin while bored of other part of game and nut other way around, combat is sub-part, main part of this game is usin yoar brain for somethin useful, to exercise thinkin and imagination, and to learn things in process, end of story

    oh and ya think that those new features, ppl like eon, lack of this, lack of that, effect on md population??? ya mine friend are totally mistaken, all those is seen in EVERY game, and its marginal problem, folks dont like ppl or feature, they leave, end of story, nuthin that serious, game evolves and if somebody doesnt likes it they leave, problem with md however is totally different, its the number of ppl that are registering have dropped, since 09 reccession, funds to md have dropped, so ads are first to fall, incoming ppl in md are the ones referred by others or from votesites, percentage of ppl leavin the game havent changed, but percentage of ppl comin to game have drastically fallen

    edit: ty for readin all this crap of mine, regardin mine opinions on recent whinings on forum about wut md turned into that make me rage

  11. umm folks, the longer than i play md, there was always at least one player (usually strongest) who had skilldmg, before they were usually mp1s, just remember wodin, thing is they werent villains and they acted friendly, so nobody complained, however times changed, and nuw we have villain with skilldmg

    obviously its nut problem in skilldmg, but rather who is usin it and how, which in return means that whole community cant stagnate and act like they always did, yoar habbits and ways to handle situation have to change too, ya got enough tools imo, nuw work on how to use them most efficently and how to act in accordin to the current situation, seriously this situation havent changed for whole year nuw, its most likely that community failed to adopt in accordance with it

  12. so all those spartans around fall under gray area? or idea doesnt need to be original, but it must not be owned by anyone? since spartan avy aint original thing, but it aint owned by any company or person

    also there should nut be any problem if drawin is entaerly yoars but ya have also uploaded it on devianart for example, since devianart is a place where ya can showoff yoar skills

  13. actually i must disagree with wookie, and i will also use common sense

    so from mine understanding, ya can have as many accounts idle in same scene, as long as they cant interact (different mp levels or accounts have no creats)

    idea is that ya can have as many logged accounts at once as long as they cant interact

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