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  1. first to comment few things from the beginning of topic interesting is the white box and the shade, this assumption that willows was angien later killed marind and became shade....etc...... and he offered us white box to help us, apparently because of need to help him save marind, and thats way we are still alive, well i didnt taked the box (well because it was offered to me by shade ), i run away (or at least tryed to do so), and still later i somehow finished in wooden box with marind, i dont know what that shade has to do with willow, lets remember homepage of magic duel, there is on pict
  2. i like it fojar then just to add at least one more mp level with this principles and it will be ultra super
  3. is it possible to read whole story from the beginning, the thing is that i began playing 5 days before, and now i am traped in story mode for mp4 and i am bored, i like the story so i want to read it while i have nothing else to do
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