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  1. same buddy same, i knuw itz lame bein here outside, but um well, since nobody yet figured way back into box, maybe we should cheat, by stealin axes from loreroot woodcutters, cut down the forest and make bigger box in which we would have no problem gettin back into
  2. is weaken supposed to be on castable spells list durin hc? me just suprissed it worked burnin 20 casts on fang durin hc ya knuw weaken effects combat, so it does effect hc, which is why this is strange to me
  3. from wut i saw mine(dsts actually) and zyr results are same
  4. [quote name='Miq' timestamp='1359147862' post='131422'] I vote for closing of the forum! [/quote] down with da forumz, end free speach!
  5. dont you know that dst is actually a shade? the more you fight/oppose/(try to)hurt her the stronger she gets
  6. 10 points - Mya Celestia - summon spell 9 points - Chewett - summon people to angiens shrine 8 points - Sephira Caelum - my staff be able to give the dead player ability to move around the realm 7 points - Udgard - upgrade item creation ability 6 points - dst - independent mineral gathering tool 5 points - Maebius - fancy hat 4 points - Nimrodel -"petrify" spell 3 points - Shemhazaj - independent fenths collector 2 points - Miq -spell reclaim TSB keys if the person tp'd holds them/add one key with the ability to recall others 1 point -Fire Starter - chawan heats tea
  7. [quote](At least in this case, the CoE is rather popular.)[/quote] good chunk of so called supporters support coe only cuz they dont like dst and dst doesnt likes coe
  8. [quote name='Luciverus' timestamp='1359011790' post='131323'] Or maybe i should just stop writing before i get myself banned yeah. [/quote] yeah thats best thing to do, you must never discuss in public crimes you are about to commit else they become double edge sword
  9. she quoted wuts wrong, if that aint enough for ya, then idk really, when somebody really got banned for alt abuse? saw jails, saw closure of alt acounts, main never got ban for such a thing moreover, you can try transferin creats from your old acc to new one, if alt checker marked accounts, then system will tell you that you cant do such transfer due to alt restriction, so if system doesnt knows, and if nobody notices it in logs (that somebody has to know those 2 accounts are alts) you can technically do it
  10. all trades done, this can be closed
  11. since hug is in "priceless" category.... how one can outbid dat? would kiss from dst do it?
  12. seems like i still need to close trade with rhaegar - 21sc grido - 4sc tal - 3sc COTS - 4gc
  13. ye same for 1h already and if wookie is asleep then we will wait another 8h
  14. auction is over, who won wut, and who owes me how much coin is bellow [spoiler] angy #1 2sc - rhaegar angy #2 2sc - rhaegar angy #3 2sc - rhaegar bp #1 4sc - grido bp #2 3sc - rhaegar bp #3 3sc - rhaegar sharpie #1 3sc - rhaegar sharpie #2 3sc - rhaegar sharpie #3 3sc - rhaegar santa 4gc - childofthesoul water 1gc10sc - skyarmy barren #1 1gc5sc - vornic barren #2 1gc5sc - vornic barren #3 1gc5sc - vornic imp #1 3gc10sc - darkraptor imp #2 3gc10sc - darkraptor imp #3 3gc3sc - vornic pimpy #1 1sc - tal pimpy #2 1sc - tal pimpy #3 1sc - tal [/spoiler] you get ctcs when you gimme coins [color=#ff0000]you give coins to Darwin Tunix[/color] cuz all creats are from that alt of mine, hes at berserkers way edit: except... atm cant login, seems like md has troubles :s
  15. [quote name='Liberty4life' timestamp='1358105737' post='130394'] dis auction shall end friday ingame serv time 23:59 [/quote] so just a reminder that this is running for next 5hours and 30 minutes pimpys still have no bid, i guess theres no interest for them, which means if somebody bids 1sc for each, that person will highly likely win them
  16. [quote name='Menhir' timestamp='1358423894' post='130793'] 2 GC 6 SC for imp #1 [/quote] i take it as bid for imp #3
  17. [quote name='Fang Archbane' timestamp='1357957802' post='130273'] Constant "Pew Pew" noises can be heard from it, and Ahri [color=#ff0000]taunting[/color] people. [/quote] her orb is glowin, sleek, white fur is showin, hot fox fires blowin, where ya think yoar goin shes gonna R E and [color=#ff0000]charm[/color] ya fangy
  18. can anybody enlighten me why is imp#2 so much more valued over imp#1? :s difference is only in those tokens #1 [goldbelt] [claw3] [sunshine] #2 [enlightning] [jewelshards] [firedrop] so which token puts up value so much ?
  19. i am not really interested in it, will let you know if i change my mind in mean time
  20. although 1gc=15sc, still 1gc has advantage over 15sc, so bid accepted
  21. bidding list updated if somebody already bids before you for individual creat and then you counter bid with same amout for whole bundle of same creats, then that person still has highest bid on it since s/he offered that amount first, hence why mercurial spectre holds highest bid on imp#2 (ye udgard i know you ready to pay 1sc more, i am just sayin that there wont be missunderstandings at the end of auction) [quote]Lib, If you are interested, I would part with the item that we spoke about the other day for one of the BPs.[/quote] i would gladly accept that, thing is, those creats are from alt, you get the picture but! i might get ahold of bp with equal value on my main, so we might make a deal
  22. list of bidding status added at bottom of first post
  23. well 2 excessive sanctuaries were removed when i bugged murrey to do it and to fix graveyard so nml is back on their original 3 question is does that item put time limit for that created sanct? if not then kinda pointless to keep removing them manually
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