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  1. Since Golemus looks quite deserted, without any life, no flora or fauna, i think there could exist such a hideous and sneaky thing as a Gremlin. Creature name: Gremlin My name: Morquor Description: Sneaky little technocrats... Main Power: Taking out injured enemies or enemy backlines and support Story: In ancient times, Gremlins lived free in the world, in peace, until the Hours of Darkness, when the world was consumed by the flames of fury: the battle between the Berserkers and the Shades. That time, to save their race, these small humanoids dig themselves deep in the mountains of Gole
  2. For Cryxus' question of Savelites, here is my opinion. I basically do not believe in God, i don't have a religion. I think there must be something "out there", a consciousness, or a Universal Will, because such a perfect thing cannot be created. The Laws of nature are so precise, that it must have been formed by something. Nature is divine Btw. on Mythic creatures, i sadly admit that they probably not existed :cray: I wanna see a Dragon... But hopefully Angels exist... Dunno what Mur wants with this poll, but i hope we can aid him. Hail King Manu And Praised Be Savelfuser
  3. I know where shall it be! From Marble Dale park, go left, to the Marble Stairs.There is a free way to the left. I think that it's a perfect playce, since: it's close to the center of MB, just 2 move from Marble dale PArk, and Just 7 moves from the Capitol. And thats not a central place like the MD park, so the passing players who don't obey the laws of Dojo will not make killing Sprees. Thats my idea. Keep on the drawing, i like it Glor!
  4. Love it, Lord Yrthilian of Golemus Guerilla. As a Technomancer, will you start experiment on making Golems? That would help the Golemus army a lot, i think.
  5. Hi Elias! I'm also MP5 now, changed it in log too. Now my other and very weak MP5 character will recruit new ones to the Church (Nihillion), though he is my Adept... I am planning to create a new MP3 Character of mine, maybe at a name of "Savelite Monk" but dunno yet. I'm just in story mode yet, but hope i'll meet you and we cen help eachother Elias. PS: IF anyone wants to join, write it down here or send me or Master Savelfuser a PM. Or if there are any changes, also tell me
  6. Yes, university year just started for Master Savelfuser ,only online for some hours each day... But school started for everyone, so lots of player got less time Now i'll write down the members of the Savelite Church Ones already joined, adepts of Savelfuser and Worshipper too: MP5: Morquor EliasMVernieri Nihal Vitoka Orlando74 MP4: (Nihillion - my other Character, who gathers Worshippers on MP4) Torcalus Danteval Vasymanu Griffon Dexter Rynkar MP3: King Arthas Night bringer I'll edit this post each time a new players joins. Anyone who wants
  7. I like them, mostly the sitting knight-like one. Thats nearly the same as mine, and looks awful
  8. I am Morquor, and i just reached MP5. I'm a Worshipper of Master Savelfuser, and now time has come to make him (and myself) stronger. I am now organising a society, called Church of Savelfuser. Only adepts and Worshippers of Savelfuser may join us, and this would be some sort of strategic alliance. Together we are stronger than alone, and in these times, when everyone can feel the smoke of war coming, we must be strong. So I've created this Church. We savelites will have some rules: 1. We attack other savelites only when they give us permission to do that. 2. If we got heat when we want t
  9. Quite Cool, DarkElfMage look really like Khal. Now I've finally got near a scanner in school, so I scanned the picture I've already posted here. Here it is:
  10. I think we shall create this topic also in Loreroot main forum, I've got some ideas too... If u wanna see, i've already written down a Necro creature, soon i'll draw it, and i've started the Golemus speaking of new creatures or extras... Soon, i'll write down my ideas here too
  11. Thanks meiche. Now i don't have too much time (drawing some avatars for contest...), but if i'll have some time, i'll make some artwork too. I'm quite busy now, last year of secondary school just started, have a lot of things to do... But i want this creature, at least to be drawn, even if not implemented to the game Maybe it will need some weakening though, it's quite powerful now...
  12. I've read the Necrovion forum, and they've been talking about that, they want to have something really extreme. The abominatons, merged from two creatures, or creatures turned evil (i wanna have a dark knator... , or something like that. I think the Golemus Golemicarum shall have an option like this as well: add-ons. First idea: This would be mechanic, semi-arcanic implants, used to create half-mechanic creatures. For example, if someone has an Young Savage Knator, he can use a mechanic build-up on it, making a Mecha-Knator I. This creature will need 2 times the XP and age to upgrade as the
  13. Hope u like this one: Cocoon Description: an egg-like thing, covered in some sort of acid. The whole thing slowly pulsates, and from close, a pair of glowing red eyes can be seen Upgrade: after age 4 Pit Worm: Description: as the cocoon hatched, a small black worm borned. It's very vulnerable now, but small scales are appearing on its black skin. The creature constantly sweats some sort of black acid, not enough to destroy, but enough to weaken the enemy Abilities: Weaken, Targets: Random Stats: attack 35, defence 0, initiative 2, Vitality 200 Upgrade: after age 14 Pit Wor
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