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  1. haha, maybe I got a tad carried away with the data and calculations and possibilities (oh my!) I do that sometimes (thanks to 4 years of college specifically designed to make me think that way). Anyway, I would agree that there is more in the sky than what meets the eye. One of the big lessons that we can learn from "real world" astronomy is that if anything moves, everything moves, and the only way I see of the sun's distance from the earth, and therefore the sun's size, varying in any noticable fashion is if one or both rotate around some third object. Perhaps long ago all three (or more
  2. Ah, now I see. Well then, ignore the first sentence of my post. One thing that worries me, however, is the change in the sun's size that you noticed. Going back to the "real world," because our sun is so far away, it or us would have to move many millions of miles in the few hours it took for you to see a change in size. This leads to one of several scenarios: 1. Either we or the sun is orbiting some very massive, very dark object, like a black hole. All that gravity would make the orbit very fast, allowing the changes you have observed. Plus, a black hole could distort the light coming
  3. Maybe you wouldn't have to have a real object to identify before you transpositioned it. There's a bit of writing in my papers about that, though I mix it with the element principle, too.
  4. True, it's tough to come up with ideas not already covered in the principles we have, especially since Manu put a lot of care into crafting them. We have to look for concepts in our own world that need representing. Here are a few suggestions: Principle of Energy - Opposite of Element Principle - Real-world physics places these two as opposites yet connected, with matter turning into energy, and energy turning into matter (Perhaps these two principles could be subbordinate to the Principle of Balance) - we could have four kinds of energy, one for each element (light/heat = fire, gravity/
  5. If you all don't mind going back from the metaphorical to the physical, I would like to correct a factual error: the sun does indeed move, even if it doesn't set. In chapter two, after I fell asleep under the tree, this was written on my magic scroll: " " This tells us that there is, indeed, some form of rotation or orbit to the celestial bodies in this universe. It could be similar to the constant daytime that occurs every year north of the Arctic Circle, for those of you who have sojourned in the Wikipedia universe. Perhaps, then, the world in MagicDuel has a year that spans hundreds
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