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  1. Ryuk is cool soooooo cool =)
  2. I know the super ultra drawer with skills not from this world mentioned it somewhere xD well thats Light aka Kira from Death Note
  3. But don't read the manga its weird! Watch the anime and maybe we should add some Kira into this ôo BTW I cant wait for episode 20 QQ I want to have this oo
  4. SCARY Higurashi no Naku Koro ni OH NOEEEEEEEEEEEES Don't remember me of this now I need to watch it again T.T
  5. Its not to late you can still change the sides!
  6. ever read a dragonball manga out loud? with all the noises and so on? you will love those nyaa's after doing so!
  7. Poor Misuzu (or thats how she was called?) But if you like weird noises Kanon offers a lot of them! But of course you know them! I prefer nyaa~!
  8. I edited the Botan thing but when I watched Air it was like 3242408308402805790842 century's ago so I cant remember > Glai you murderer
  9. Show me what you got /hrhr Puhi ehh I mean botan BOTAN! is one of the ultra cute pets in anime but you know the one from Air? Pikori or smth he is and will always be the best!
  10. stormrunner you are disappointing me QQ I though I found a Manga/Anime girl lover! Look at the page Kagome really isn't cute there! You can find hotter pics of her and other characters /slur @dst I am sure you want to edit the post so its Grassans are cute 100 votes or smth but we cant do that! Ps: 4 ppl voted afterall so
  11. Glaistig your are so right ^.^Btw I wouldn't consider Inuyasha as a good anime or manga. But if you like it, its ok ^.^
  12. Oni's? No they aren't cute
  13. See whats there! A big/fat clumsy guy hiding in some weird outfit afraid of the world and people who could bully it! (hope you didn't read the description) Its trough and trough cute and adorable! A ugly monster would have his mouth open and screaming "ROAR I GONNA EAT YOU SINCE YOU WERE A BAD BOY/GIRL THIS YEAR" or like this Don't look I am scary well ok thats a bad example since the guy in the pic I post also got his cute points QQ If you don't like Anime/Manga than you simply haven't seen much.
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