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  1. Why are you sad, my friend? Need a hug? {{{hug}}}

  2. GgSeverin

    Iq Of Md

    around 120 tested a year ago on an english online test.
  3. is not a beer cask. Those are twice bigger and the acces hole is lower.
  4. Sage is taking her self very serious. Sage is closer to people. An old player who care the new ones. This is rare! This are the reasons i vote Sage
  5. I have 24 hours to load a ship with 1100 tons of scrap. If I do it, I'll reward me with a beer in Bucharest. [size="1"]Gush, life is soooo jucy![/size] Since there is a Godfather (No One ofcourse, DST is the hitman) I'm afraid I'm the grandfather. WOW! Where exactly Mur is keeping the CTC's?
  6. this is my main account It may be other which I do not use and I forgot password. ZAMOLXE is the alt
  7. intersted we can find a MD way to a conclusion in any debate. This would be a huge acomplishment.
  8. Grido said "You are asking that people who have been warned and punished that many times and failed to realise the error and stop doing it, after being told what would happen to them if they continue, should have a public court so that they might be let off the hook?" Weeel... i'm not in the position to ~~ask~~ I am begging you to try to understand some principles very different of what you follow. [b]Treasures are faar away from the path[/b] Luther Copernicus Einstein were misfits of their time. (millions others "misfits" died unknown I agree) What I try to say is that following rules sucks! Better get nowhere than miss the adventure. Roads are to get you someplace (specific) and fences are to keep you away from other(specific)places. Without fences(=law's) and roads(=facility) you own the world! Please Grido, be kind with those who think as it would be no rule in their world. Even when they deny The rules makers! Ha! ha! Can't stop doing an error if you fail to prove me that i'm wrong. That is not an error to me! And here we go toward living(playing) in separate worlds(games) sooner or later. We two failing to understand each other? Unacceptable! So I make an offer: Forget the permanent ban and I promise you to find 10 punishment harder than prison.
  9. Grido can you visit those in the jail? You do? with all the respect, do you know how you feel when banned? (ok is hard to confess but I was banned for 5 years from Gladiatus)(you may laugh now nee! nee!) (serious)On topic:You are too kind with those punishments; except the permanent Ban this one should be done by a public court.
  10. Not only that is "healty" to read (& I saved) all the txt's, Is good to start digging for the answers in the realm because the good questions are here.
  11. Hey Vanyz I will be unfair to all those who has the same Mind Power as you: I will give you an old creature or a new one you wish? FREE! Just gimme a PM in game. I will do it even if its unfair because we are in an unfair game!
  12. Getting in a crowded place while I forgot what defenses I have,if I had, quick attacking the players I wanna atack and get the hell outa there till the others reach me. Well this is fun. Is not fun to catch fish in an aquarium!
  13. My vote goes to H. Questions getting right in the middle of the battlesystem.
  14. Targhet reached. The other topic I opened can be closed now IMO
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