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  1. Why are you sad, my friend? Need a hug? {{{hug}}}

  2. is not a beer cask. Those are twice bigger and the acces hole is lower.
  3. GgSeverin


    She is 87 years old. She wears home made clotches. Her shoes are made from an old tyre. Never buy chese from her!!! She never saw a bath tub! We meet allmost every year, I call her mother...
  4. GgSeverin


    those people are saving the world. Totaly independendent, without mass-media acces, living as 2000 years ago.
  5. no I am not the artist, (He's my friend if someone like us has friends) I do not know if it's allowed but maybe you will like to go to http://photo.net/photos/pufi
  6. Happy Birthday!! *smiles*

  7. I notice that a lot of my friends are good photographs!
  8. This avatar is witch!

  9. You saw how hard is to have a decent chat when you know exactly who you would like to chat with?

  10. Hello Gg. We haven't really talked before so here's my invitation to chat sometime. BTW, like the new pic! ^_^

  11. Are you plaing here with me?


    Are YOU plaing with ME??

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