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  1. oh okay is it then possible to take my bid back? if so i will do
  2. master of puppets? never heard for that one, well i want to make an offer for it my bid for the puppetmaster: 4 silver
  3. well my post comes veeeery late, but hey better ever then never: burns dont you dare to try to hurt my little welpes or my brother marv again, i am trying to raise a alliance and i WILL try to hold them a little bit back, as you know we are beast that have to mark there teritorium, vampires are our enemies but i cannot accept that a little pack fought against only one vampire, this is honourless. i wont let that happen again or i will try it at least, but if you wish to start a hunt against us then fine, but dont forget, with every bite of us there will be raised a new welp, you could say
  4. i think that there are four reasons WHY bob-haters trying to hurt him: first: they are just bad boys and girls and love it to harm living beings that cant defend theirselfs! second: they are jealous at bob because he is more famous then them! third: because of revenge(like in dst's case) that he doesnt wanted to bloom for her, you cant FORCE bob to bloom anyway xD fourth: maybe they are only hurting bob just to insult the defenders. like one of my little welpes, well actually she doesnt hurts him, but it insults the defenders because they dont know what she is doing, i told her to sto
  5. i will give you 5 silver for one still havent got one, need to become part of my crit family, and i will take good care of him
  6. Xcercses

    Celtic Trees

    very cool pic marv, but the thing in the middle reminds me on the heat circle thingy when it get to 4000 or 5000 heat xD 13 trees and 13 months? like the new zodiac that was found 2007 or so? the snake-holder or something like that?
  7. seems like mur forgot on the auction xD or he is very busy at the moment, as for sure if you have looked at the last announcements, in the meanwhile i want to add something to my bid: rare bloodpact archer III with zero wins and zero exp i hope that it is vulnerable enough.
  8. what? i posted a comment on one of your pics xD

    and if you mean why i dont have comments then ask the other ones xD

  9. Xcercses

    Me :D

    marv!!!!!! nice pic btw. xD
  10. Xcercses


    From the album: well me and friends

    © © MagicDuel.com

  11. okay i will give it a try but dont blame me if it is to low, it will get deleted anyway: i am bidding(for the morph): chaos archer with 569 days and over 700 wins,maxed water being with 508 days and 668 wins, 1 silver coin, 1 gold coin, my joker lvl 2, 6000 heat and the heat slots and if it is possible then i would bid my prize i won 2008 for one of the funniest chat logs ever.
  12. thats a really cool idea, especially for those who are collecting coins, it would be rare. hmm so what if there will be more then 100 people?
  13. red service? interesting, so we should basically just come with or rits set and attack everyone? hmm sounds interesting. something else that we should know?
  14. hmm i like cryxus idea, but how about a jungle area, with lots of secrets to discover. oh and glor i would like to help you but i cant draw very well, i am good in drawing models like a house or a bridge but not in things like trees, animanls, ground etc., i have learned to draw some architectal structures, but thats all. but if you need ideas or something then i would liek to help you.
  15. wow all your pictures are perfect and the new werwolf picture is amazing. i love it. it looks really good. i like it how you made the face, looks really scary. thats the picture i want. i need to thank you again.
  16. @Blackthorn: it is Perfect!!!! really good! amazing! just let it so like it is only if you could make him a little bit darker and the tail just a little longer than it would be real perfect. i love the picture, thx.
  17. your pics are all cool. hi im X , its my first time i write something in a topic. i wanted to ask what should i buy in the md shop to unlock the avatars? is it that golden trophy?
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