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  1. and here's round 2 of the contest if there are still some lines missing then please send me your fossil lines and explanations in-game via pm or in the forum! [b][u]*BFH LIGHTNING*: Line[/u][/b] Unbelievable Power appears and notices that he is the only with a working six drach rit and says: "Now I really have an unbelievable power." Explanation: After Mur restricting the rituals to a max number of 3 drach per ritual, one day Unbelievable Power appeared at the Marble Dale Park with a working 6 fully tokened drach ritual. He was practically invensible [b][u]*Lightsage*:[/u][/b] Lig
  2. here are your favorit fossil lines and there explanations, enjoy if there are still some lines missing then please send me your fossil lines and explanations in-game via pm or in the forum! [u][b]*Shadowseeker*: Line for contest[/b][/u] Argh! My tokened ritual with maxed combo is just losing, although its 3 drachs and 3 angiens!!!!! Funny because combat changes relatively fast, kinda like seasons- RJ returning back screamed the same when using his 6 drachorn rit, any other fossil would do as well with the strength, since right now it obliterates. However, if something new gets int
  3. 900 days old colored joker untokened if you are interested?
  4. yep but me and brother marv are the biggest wolfys :P

  5. nice video sagie and windy, it is great and phan, your "poem" is awesome, oh btw. if somebody tries to make a video from his "poem", i will watch it, and when i watch and my name sounds not like it should be......*sharpens his claw* nah just a joke
  6. Name: Xcercses MP: MP5 age: 623 active days main principle: Time reason for applying: well i spent much time with you and the other ones in the pub, truly an alliance that really cares for the land....i have choosen to asist you, because you follow the right path of protecting the lands, an alliance and a land i will obey its rules and made my home after months.
  7. if every citizen or alliance member has its own effection that fits to their homeland.....how would weather changes have effect on those that have no homeland?
  8. a great idea arront, the most people dont even recognize the "weather changes" in MD like me for example so have you also thought that the weather could have influence on some creatures too?
  9. well but as mur said: knatty is lazzy, eats to much and sleeps in the GG lab like a pig he is
  10. and what will happen with the mercanaries? will they remain as knatty's guards?
  11. do it MARV!!!! i know you can!

  12. a period of 4 months? and what if you decide against it? will there be king and queen selections for the tribunal?
  13. and what did we learn about it? illusions are strange xD
  14. first of all thanks aster, you found my avy! and yes normally you cant sacrifice illusions, but it worked somehow......and having issues with my profile is normal, im sure i will one day awake in deathmarrow, or suddenly get the title "king of golemus". ive got a strange profile ive got issues since i come to MD!
  15. thank you very much peace how the heck did i entered illusion.....oh well thank you very much!
  16. hello there i have a little ongoing issue. my creatures dissapeared 6 months ago, out of my creature list. they are still there if i go to the fenth, but i cant fight nor can i do anything else with them. the other thing is that i got a new avy, but when i tried to enter the avy vault it said "illusions are not allowed to enter the vault" i seriously need help, or else i will fade
  17. well it is possible that you have seen it, the last one who worn it was abraxis, i asked blackthorn to make it for me. already searching for it since 2009
  18. hey asterdai, if you ever happen to get into the posession of a "werewolf with swords" by blackthorn, then please let me know.
  19. im really sad about you to leave granos, you where a really good friend all the time. it was much fun hanging around with you and cryx in the past, i hope that you one day will come back. you have been a very special person here in MD. even if you leave your tracks will still be visible. fare well old friend, i wish you good luck, may our path be crossed again!
  20. nice posts but first of all, the shadow is part of phantasm, so doesnt that mean that the shadow feels the same and knows the same as phan? if so then we should lie phan(i know sounds stupid but just read on) as long as phan doesnt know of the plan,the shadow also wont know it. the plan items: a very large torch, a mirrored box filled with different stuff and a knife the place: GoC the plan: tell phan that there is a big crowd of people(i would prefer crowd of women)at the GoC that are all very angry at him, the shadow will know it too, so it will try to get there. but before we start
  21. oh my....i can even hear the GGG callers here too.....they are everywhere!!!!

  22. okay let me try something: from a very sad story about a man and his first love: *point* *point* *point* *click* *click* *point* *enter* *delete* *rebot* *point* *point* *click* *click* error!!! error!!! error!!! *whosh* *bam* *whooooooz!* dude1: NOOO!!! WHY!!! dude2: dude(1), why did you wrecked your computer? dude1: the dam trojan infected it, i had no other choice.... dude2: so why havent you just downloaded a antivir software?? dude1: .... THE END
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