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  1. Xcercses (ID: 53632, Days: 1088 of 1842, 59%)   Lands of the East: 456 Alliance: Caretakers   Haven't been active for a long time now, trying to get back on my feet. cheers!
  2. Bajram Sherif Mubarek Olsun to every person on this world :)

  3. Xcercses


    well i got my name from a book for satanists when i was like 14 years(no i am not a satanist nor have i ever been one, i have found that book in the library and so i started to read a bit out of it.....weird that such a book lies around in a public library....) there was a list of demon names in it, i looked at the names and their descriptions till i found the meaning of Xcercses: "fourth demon high lord, once a great leader of his army but now sealed away for his betrayal on satan" or so, not sure if that was the correct description. a bit later i started to play the Browser game Tribal W
  4. Xcercses

    well me and friends

    um...me and friends again
  5. Xcercses


    From the album: well me and friends

    michael is my brother.....MUHAHAHAHAHA.......funny ride, summer springjam 2010 as one of the securities xD

    © ©(Xcercses)MagicDuel.com

  6. yep but me and brother marv are the biggest wolfys :P

  7. Name: Xcercses MP: MP5 age: 623 active days main principle: Time reason for applying: well i spent much time with you and the other ones in the pub, truly an alliance that really cares for the land....i have choosen to asist you, because you follow the right path of protecting the lands, an alliance and a land i will obey its rules and made my home after months.
  8. do it MARV!!!! i know you can!

  9. oh my....i can even hear the GGG callers here too.....they are everywhere!!!!

  10. Xcercses

    Celtic Trees

    very cool pic marv, but the thing in the middle reminds me on the heat circle thingy when it get to 4000 or 5000 heat xD 13 trees and 13 months? like the new zodiac that was found 2007 or so? the snake-holder or something like that?
  11. what? i posted a comment on one of your pics xD

    and if you mean why i dont have comments then ask the other ones xD

  12. Xcercses

    Me :D

    marv!!!!!! nice pic btw. xD
  13. Xcercses


    From the album: well me and friends

    © © MagicDuel.com

  14. hmm i like cryxus idea, but how about a jungle area, with lots of secrets to discover. oh and glor i would like to help you but i cant draw very well, i am good in drawing models like a house or a bridge but not in things like trees, animanls, ground etc., i have learned to draw some architectal structures, but thats all. but if you need ideas or something then i would liek to help you.
  15. wow all your pictures are perfect and the new werwolf picture is amazing. i love it. it looks really good. i like it how you made the face, looks really scary. thats the picture i want. i need to thank you again.
  16. @Blackthorn: it is Perfect!!!! really good! amazing! just let it so like it is only if you could make him a little bit darker and the tail just a little longer than it would be real perfect. i love the picture, thx.
  17. your pics are all cool. hi im X , its my first time i write something in a topic. i wanted to ask what should i buy in the md shop to unlock the avatars? is it that golden trophy?
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