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  1. i never said this was a idea for the todays MD, i hoped it could come into action say, in another year
  2. mayby set stat limiters to certain MP lvls to stop them makeing a too powerful creature
  3. i was thinking adding a stats limit, 150 stats to share out between yours crits, and a base VIT of 1500, but lowering your stats limit by 10 will give additional VIT so every 10 points you give up 100 VIT is added and vice versa. to counter peaple haveing huge damage on multipul, i just say you made a waste of a oppertunity because the Knator warmaster is twice that effective
  4. say you wish to be a healer, healers train to increase there power to help others not attack, same goes for a warrior. something that you could buy in the MD shop perhaps could focus the skills you gain from high heat battles will be more focused on one particular aspect, not neglecting the others entirely, but less of them and more of chosen skill. you could give the option to switch on and off but once the skill is chosen ,you cant go back and change it thankyou for your time
  5. the aim of this game is to be unique ,so the creatures should be unique to,i was thinking that as a quest reward from some RPCs, or maybe even a wishpoint offer,a personal design of the creature you want, stats and description will be made by you, and like a avatar shop format of the image you want. this will be single evolution level and a limit of two attack/defence types, three target selection slots will be permitted but not the "all" selection. this is a Hate it or love it idea. thankyou for your time
  6. ime not sure if it would work but young Spite- non combat while it grows Spite- essentially the same as the air scout but no power increase then after that you can choose which evolution path it takes. this idea is to promote the need to think carefully on what you want, also stimulates you training it for certain aspects
  7. mmmmmm i was wondering if there could be a shift system set up to give the LHOs some breathing space in the mainland for ,say a day or two, while another LHO takes his place, then switch.
  8. the paper cabin has always been the starting point, easy to access and can be entered by all. the starting point at the ivory tower is a little difficult, most LHOs cant get to it and opening it up to Just them, will result in a mad, needless rush to become a LHO, i wish to be enlightened on this subject come on we cant let jonn do all the work
  9. I am in some way, obsessed with warfare and tactics, but id like to get a debate going on the subject for a few more ideas. ill let you decide the matter this debate starts off on
  10. Happy birthday Raven : ) me and the whole LHO team wish you luck
  11. a guess, just because i like blowing things up gunpowder it lights the way with a flash of light but that light may be so intense it could blind a man. build cities by clearing mountans or destroy them with a simple match(and alot of barrels of the stuff)
  12. : ) peaeple like you Manu make this world a intressting place.


  13. The crusader By Alex Coates/*abaddun* Deep in the jaws of the land, fell creatures preyed upon the weak and feeble, many eyed monstrosities, winged and clawed beasts from the gullet of hell, terrorised primitive man. Centuries past, but during that time regardless of the loses mankind prevailed, and grew, but so did the beasts and yet again they started the hunt. The ruler of that time otherwise known as the emperor, made a call to the land for hunters, to do what they did best, but among the many different faces, was one man, a young man who came from yet a wealthy family, but felt sepa
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