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  1. playing russian roulete with a 3joule airsoft gun is not lethal...just fricking scary

  2. [quote name='Syerthrix' post='18157' date='Oct 9 2008, 07:57 PM']Are they so ugly no one reply's on it? :S[/quote] LOL no its not THAT bad. Its actualy a good start. Keep in mind that we'r looking for full figures tho. U seem to draw what u think u see. Here's a hint. Hold up a pencil, and see it that is realy the curve the upper boddy takes. It might also help to check out some anatomy pictures befor drawing muscles The mind makes figures simple. Just like the way u'd describe a christmas tree triangle and other tree's like a ball on a stick. Yet this is never true. Make's u wonder bou
  3. its getting pro in here... Note on the pencil softnes...starting from B4 to B9 u'l notice your pencil almost fading before your eye's. The softer it is...the more u'l need to sharpen or reload. I trace to...but not much. i usualy have one of those wooden dol's to pose. Or one of my friends. The faster i want to work, the more i trace. But wat's verry important : KNOW THE 3D VERSION! knowing what it is that u'r drawing makes u'r lines "true" sort of speak, it wil translate more then just a border on your paper. Drawing muscles for example is one of those things where its vital. pencil
  4. I have just what u need. But stuf like this should be posted under "the artisans guild" Please close this topic and move it where it should be. I'l take care of it ratsplat
  5. [u][b]sagewoman[/b][/u] she was very specific white locks of hair, cleavage, dagger, staf that can change to sword, dreamcatcher, glowing eye's,...the whole deal. I think i got it all...i HOPE i got it becouse dreamcatchers are a pain in the...you know. B) Story is all lost with me, so i'l have her explain it if u meet her.
  6. [u][b]Penelope Lightmoon[/b][/u] this lady was one of my motivations during the contest, figures i return the favor She aparently would like to become like the moon, or the light of the moon or somthing. Last time she was enthousiastic bout the "feeling" in a picture, i try'd it with her...but failed :s So i'l be drawing another one like this
  7. [u][b]Lady Ailith "the water nimpf"[/b][/u] Lady Ailith is probably know to every player who hangs around her bar. She plays this daily and has a popular role there. Right now, she is represented as a scarecrow...i HAD to change that. She's playing a peacfull water nimpf traped in a human boddy, trying to find het water magic back. It gous further that that, but u should read her personals for that. I could not go all magical on her, becouse she stil needs to find that. If that happens, i'l just draw another , so a peacful person playing with some light water magic would sufice i figure
  8. [u][b].Gargant. "the word walker"[/b][/u] Gargant plays a lot like most players probably know. But he took an avatar just becouse it was the only thing in there. No problem in that, but if u play that much, u'd better have a face people can recognize. Acording to his papers words and secrets always find there way to them. He trives on it, and uses it to his power. I went abstract on this and voila...here is the wordwalker.
  9. I dont know what the other artists think about it, but i dont mind giving previeuws of the avatars i created. Auction or not...i believe u have the right to see what to save for. I seem to make avatars directly for people, this way they can see what to look forward to. Maybe the other artisians wil join me in this. If you want to coment an avatar feel free. But keep it constructive.
  10. its suprisingly quite on this topic...is there a catch to it?
  11. i had the hardest time finding somthing to make if not directly to a person. Now i'm a little more free and i look around for active players. i ask what they'd like. If you dont play...i dont see you...you can pick whatever u see in the shop if its availeble. But then there is the next point. I dont know bout the other artists, but i usualy spend 20 min/character just figuring out how to represent what they like to play. I for one dont like the idea of a metal bunny carefully sculpted on a guy with the name "notexistingdude"...but then i have no choise in the matter. -daily voting for m
  12. wel, i'm 24. But they had to rip my mothers organs out becouse the pen was stuck behind it and they couldnt pry it from my baby fingers. So you might say i started realy early to. Never realy took classes. Just the ocasional torture-interogation of an artist i met somwhere. Learned most by simply not erasing everything, and being open to criticisme. Here is somthing good to know : if u cant stand coment, then dont show it!
  13. wel DiKra is not the only one suprised. :lol: somthing in me tels me they did it on purpose to create a suprise effect...and it worked. Matters not, i just used the $ for creddits to I remember DiKra and me discusting posible 3d's because we both agreed he was 1 and me 2or3 unles there where more sendings then we knew. but meh. Result stay's the same... PS: to all those people who start there comunication with me like "i liked DiKra's drawings better!" wel so did i, nothing i can do about it.
  14. i'm not shure if this has been said or not. But if you want to learn to draw. You should have at least 3 books to draw in. 1) draw bals and elypses...the whole book, and if its wrong, point out why and do it again. After you filled the whole book with round balls instead of ...other shapes and elypses that look round instead of beans. U'l have the hang of it Also good if u want to become a smiley master B) 2) everything is square! book 2...you probably learned about perspective in shool, time to use it. For a long time! take shapes u like for example, houses, trees, flowers...and go cu
  15. OK! this is great Oh...i'm in story mode T_T wel, if anyone meets me in 14 days, ask away! I'l draw it asap! If someone else bought if before you...ask again , and i'l draw it again credit to the players!
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