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    Metal Bunny: Grido woke up next to Hannah who... MRWander: Turns and says "Honey Jonn was looking for you... Cryxus: as she traces her finger across his chest... Metal Bunny: while whispering that Jonn and his gophers are here to.. Grido: say hi, and ask how you're doing, have a cookie then leave without anything odd happening." Cryxus: but Grido knew better... Metal Bunny: Grido knew that both he and Jonn desired to ... Grido: help the new players in Magic Duel, as best as they could Blaze: but instead, they were going to give into temptation and...
  2. oh, that didn't occur to me. thanks.
  3. I'm MP4, and when I have 0 heat, everything runs fine, but the second I get heat, the game slows down proportionally to the amount of heat I have. 2000 heat makes it go slow, and 4000 makes it take about 30 seconds just to register I clicked something. I also almost have too much loyalty, so i can't donate it. The only thing I can do is wait for the heat to go away, which takes way too long.
  4. Owned my creatures? ha. name a time and place. Anyways, you have to think about my answer... if you were to not defend yourself in hopes of her not attacking, it would be different than actually being willing to die. Acceptance could be the key. Also, when I die in my dreams, I tend to wake up. Either way, it works. Oh, and about the phrasing... I'm just a mean-spirited individual. haha.
  5. Its obvious. Just lie down and die. Whats with people always thinking they're the center of attention... how do you know this isn't Kalamanira's test? If you're the nicer one, do the nice thing. Die.
  6. Actually, I was there for the story, and if he would have put more descriptions I would have lost interest and left. It took a really long time as it is, any more description and nothing would have happened.
  7. Let the games begin...

  8. Shady Jester ID: 77557 Although I would like to know exactly what "reset partialy" means.
  9. I haven't thought this all the way through yet, but I think there should be some kind of Censor option. What I mean by that is a player has the option to turn it on or off, and when on it changes all swear words into **** or something like that. Its hard for me to get my point across having to say "dang", it loses the impact. Of course, people who's chat looked like "**** **** **** **** ****" would still be held accountable, since thats just unnecessary. I'm not sure if this is a feasible idea, any opinions? [quote name='Burns' post='19831' date='Nov 15 2008, 10:51 AM']if you don't want to say dang, don't say it xD i don't think that censoring our language in any way is necessary, if you feel the urge to swear, by all means just do it, it just shouldn't end up in a chat full of dirty words... if you start censoring certain words, people would use other words just for fun, like ghey, cook soccer and such stupid things... i don't think that censorments are a good idea, and if you want to curse, do it =D[/quote] [quote name='Blaze777' post='19833' date='Nov 15 2008, 10:58 AM']People get mad and say "13 year olds play this game!" when I swear. That was the reason for the idea. I have no idea how hard or easy this would be to program though.[/quote] [quote name='xPo' post='19869' date='Nov 15 2008, 05:26 PM']I think there's no need to start censoring that word's... If the excuse is that children play this game... well, people should be more careful with their word's, but that children maybe have listen already that word's and maybe even use them... What maybe could be done is if a player really abuse of bad language, he should be punished somehow.... And not censoring all that word's in the chat...[/quote]
  10. Your typing program automatically changes "knatr" to "Knator"
  11. Possibly there could be one place that is open only for people who have no desire to be in the head contest. The place could function like a normal sanctuary, and once you go in you can't be attacked, but after you've gone in you're character is treated as though you've already won the contest once (and can't win again). That way, people who don't want to participate have a place they can be and not worry, and it wouldn't take away from everyone else's experience by getting rid of heads or providing safe places or anything. This wouldn't solve the combat issue, but at least people could log on and upgrade creatures and have a place to heal without getting killed.
  12. MP4: wsxdr moepheus Dream Knight Legendary Apprentice all of these people have attacked me and others multiple times after warning
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