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  1. I have constructed for myself a makeshift theatre out of things I had lying around. The stage is logs and branches tied with string, just barely supporting the weight of a tablecloth curtain, the floor the grass underfoot. I have been performing the last few days and nights to my creatures. Here I will log some performances, others will be lost to time.
  2. I am not taking questions at this time. If you actually care to get an answer, you can come find me in-game and we can have a chat.
  3. 1. Claiming my crown (here on the forum as well as in-game, though I doubt anybody noticed or paid attention to the in-game part, as with most things I do. To remind folks who might have noticed: "Pathway to Pips Palace") and having more +rep than -rep on my initial crown claim 2. Having a plan to protect the herbs in the East (before Eon got his crown point for copying me, I should note) 3. My Kdoc and other pages researching the East. Realizing the MBTB Confluence 4. Having taken a seed from each of the four Mainlands and planted it within myself, through Pip and Lordy (stole/
  4. There's already creature shield for that.
  5. I am MD's greatest villain. Moreover, none of you had noticed or cared. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled...

    1. Ivorak


      Sadly, not a high bar.

  6. Oh is this why so many GWI newbs don't have flags? Yes please
  7. There are so many sanctuaries in the realm already I hardly think we need more, just politely ask (read as: attacklock) your participants not to fight during seedwalks, and one or two hit and runs won't hurt too bad, could even spawn an impromptu many-vs-one situation, which could be fun and interesting. Also wouldn't it mess things up on Old Man's Road, with the NPC battle? Also to counter your argument, Awiiya's roots don't spread far enough because his leaves have been gone for so long, they don't have enough energy.
  8. Just checking, since I got first choice does that mean I get an Anniv as well? Bumping so Chew hopefully doesn't forget
  9. Would this use all types of herbs or just some?
  10. I have a policy of trying to talk to every new and returning player that I come across, to try and convince them to stick around (I did it to you Poppi!), so at least they don't leave because "nobody noticed/cares about me". It can have a huge impact on the realm as a whole, and it can be kind of fun. You can tell new players by their Gateway Island citizenship, they're always interesting to talk to, even if they're alts. If you wanted to be a Gateway Guardian it could be rather helpful, as there's only one guardian from the other side of the world (from me, I'm referring to timezone conc
  11. The question was answered and the answer taken in good faith, I didn't ask for proof or explanation (any more than Ungod's concise explanation) quite purposefully, going as far as I thought necessary to make clear that I did not know the circumstances around this event. Not far enough it seems, as you mistook my curiosity for attack anyways, as I had feared you might. I have more to say, but for the sake of not accidentally baiting a response and dragging this topic further off track, I'll send it privately.
  12. Not Ungod? He was the only one I saw RPing about this, and on multiple occasions (doesn't mean MRF didn't, not trying to invalidate his efforts obviously, as I wasn't around when he made them), even camping out East for a while rather than his usual MDP hangout Just asking
  13. To note, I have seen both my Elu eat candy and some candies melt. Pretty sure the melting took longer than the prescribed two weeks, maybe Mur changed it while hanging out at the East Pub one night! Or perhaps he and Chew had a passionate encounter at the Sunny Bedroom and bumped around the cabinet downstairs
  14. Holy Cow Z, slow down!

  15. Mr "Imperial" Look-Down-His-Nose (name pending, no promises I'll actually name him that! Unless you make it a condition of transfer...) needs to humble himself by sharing rituals with his brothers, my beautiful collection of Annies (Anniversary Aramors)! I'll eventually corrupt him in ways much worse than your past transgressions ever could've...muahahaha
  16. Or caffeine speeds up your metabolism or some other pretend-scientific explanation, you get my point tho
  17. Some of you might remember this image I created it at the time as a visual representation of the web I had weaved among those participants my intuition pointed me to as I tried to follow it solely, with no rational involvement. The end result of that web, its beautiful climax, was Eon taking over Guerilla Golemicarum (you can see my response to that here, for context). Let me be clear, that was not my original intent though it pleased me greatly, and I capitalized on it, and I said certain things to dst to imply that it was my intent (she took the bait of course) so as to attempt to
  18. How many distinct syllables are there? And how much effort (and would it be prohibitive) would it take to memorize them? For example, to solve the last layer of a Rubiks' Cube (at least with the generally accepted "standard" method) one must memorize 57 algorithms to orient the pieces and then 21 more to permute them properly, giving a total of 78 possibilities sorted through in a single look for each step (some with overlaps for similar cases that help ofc, I imagine language would mirror that aspect nicely) that many thousands if not millions of folks can and have memorized with some ef
  19. That sounds like a reasonable proposition, but I would have trouble giving up the stumbling nature of English, where I can interpolate ideas that were in fact never intended...I'm not sure if that exact sort of thing works as well with other languages, since I only know a tiny amount of French (thanks education system...8 years, 1 hour a day, and all I can do is conjugate some verbs and recognize a few words!) and not much else. It's why I love loose translations (at least since starting MD, I should give Mur his due credit), folks who don't necessarily have a full grasp of all the silly

    1. Mallos


      and FlyingChipmunk !

  21. I'd think there should only be a light distinction if any at all between those two types, afterall RL is incorporated in MD too Perhaps a tag-system (as Sushi suggested but in-game instead, atleast I took her suggestion to mean 'on the forum') for the quests on the list explaining what land they're based in, who's running them, permanent vs. temporary, etc etc etc. The tags could also help determine who sees the quests if some are to be hidden on the list.
  22. Someone should go through and sort out which quests are permanent and which quests are over...I nominate Sushi! Muahaha!
  23. As a long-time lone wolf, I disagree But I'm sure some people would like to say I'm not that important, I certainly wouldn't though!
  24. Happy birthday ol' Granny...for what it's worth...
  25. I sense a Ledah vs. Ledah coming on... Annivs will always be rare, adding things to them will only add to the people who care enough to collect them, which I'm one of so my opinion is too biased to weigh in on whether this idea should go ahead or not (because I think it should and also Annivs should have their own creature species limit 6 so they can me proudly displayed)
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