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  1. : You receive a flyer of unknown origin Tithes for the Gray Come one come all! This Friday the Thirteenth, all day, join us as we commemorate an event in our past, and seek guidance as to the direction of our future. Let us rejoice in the traditions of Khalazdad: We shall sacrifice creatures in the name of Shades! Bring your elemental eggs, bird eggs, barren souls, or whatever else you wish to sacrifice. Each sacrifice shall be imparted with an incantation or poem or even but a word, perhaps detailing why it is fitting to summon a Shade, or how it might coax one.
  2. " Backyard birders can help ease the dangers of molting by providing a rich, reliable food source for birds to take advantage of, along with safe, secure shelter for birds that become more elusive and shy while molting. " Shelter + reliable food source = molting
  3. Read a lot and always try even if you think you'll fail

    thx Chewer

  5. Actually I was thinking something like Winderwild + bushies = feathers, similar to Grasans, Molly and Elus, resource-producing that's already coded...
  6. Basic Iron Ingot (armour, arrowheads) Branches (arrow shafts) Lumber (to be carved to make the bow itself String (also for the bow) Tree Bark (for the quiver) Flowers (for fletching...hmm...if only birds dropped their feathers every once in a while...oh well, I'll pretend flower petals would work for now! :p) Any other ideas?
  7. A scar across the land, a spill 'cross the lake

    Make bare snarling noses, reveal sneers beneath

    Contemptuous many, give me your take

    I'll give it right back when you show me your teeth


    Nothing comes for free

    1. Mallos


      What do you mean by nothing?

  8. Attempt #2, black squares not necessarily necessary, just figured I'd add them for good measure
  9. I will, cower in my superb MSPaint skillz
  10. Yes please Pipstickz 29677
  11. Garo vs Ikana

    Gain the trust of the kingdom, they hold the key to the tower

    Climb to the top of the tower and defeat the master, he holds the light

    Use the light to turn the world upside down around you so you may face death

    Surpassing death will face you with duality, become a giant and destroy it

    Whose will are you truly following?

    Belief or disbelief rests with you.

    1. Pipstickz


      I'll allow your whims to guide my path,

      they twist and turn to bind my wrath.

      You'll follow my sins and trace my past,

      while I peak underneath that mask.

  12. nad must've armpit pushuped so hard he pushed some water into reality and distribution networks! Good one nad!
  13. Because I would assume you sponsored it. It's none of my business how you and the quest owner go about fulfilling that sponsorship, but I assumed you were in charge of dispatching Annivs, and was only trying to be helpful as you're often asking for things to be bumped to remind you, as we both know you have a lot on your plate.
  14. Because voting worked so well the last eight or so times, let's try it again. By the way, defamation requires that the idea being spread is false, by my understanding. "...you seem to..." and "...my high suspicion..." imply the statements following those qualifiers are my opinion, and therefore should not fall under defamation. I rest my case. Ah how ironic! I might use your accusation of defamation as an example of proper defamation: as it's not true, you've stated it as fact and it could reasonably be seen to do damage to my reputation. However, I don't care to invoke laws that are
  15. What is a Land Weapon? A representation of each Land's greatest strength and its fatal flaw How many are there? Five Where are they? In the case of two, in the centre or close to it. In the case of another two, beside an almost-closed gate. In the case of a fifth, in the last place you'd look. What do they do? Loreroot's can pierce your core, Marind Bell's can close its land off, Golemus' can attract or repel certain things from its target, Necrovion's reveals a truth hidden within yourself, the fifth traps your soul. How are they activated? Two are
  16. He was not involved in the happenings, except through his influence on me from the past.
  17. I suppose nobody cares. The image was a challenge for those involved to talk to eachother and figure out the story: If I can go and merely talk to all those involved and bloom such a beautiful flower as that event was, then why couldn't those ten people do so again without me? This was, of course, my attempt at stealing Granos' legacy for myself and it was successful, but I abdicated that option in the end, and so he remained external to me rather than on the inside with me, but ever whispering in the back of my mind. I found the original of this image rather recently, the one I hand
  18. I have constructed for myself a makeshift theatre out of things I had lying around. The stage is logs and branches tied with string, just barely supporting the weight of a tablecloth curtain, the floor the grass underfoot. I have been performing the last few days and nights to my creatures. Here I will log some performances, others will be lost to time.
  19. I am not taking questions at this time. If you actually care to get an answer, you can come find me in-game and we can have a chat.
  20. 1. Claiming my crown (here on the forum as well as in-game, though I doubt anybody noticed or paid attention to the in-game part, as with most things I do. To remind folks who might have noticed: "Pathway to Pips Palace") and having more +rep than -rep on my initial crown claim 2. Having a plan to protect the herbs in the East (before Eon got his crown point for copying me, I should note) 3. My Kdoc and other pages researching the East. Realizing the MBTB Confluence 4. Having taken a seed from each of the four Mainlands and planted it within myself, through Pip and Lordy (stole/
  21. There's already creature shield for that.
  22. I am MD's greatest villain. Moreover, none of you had noticed or cared. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled...

    1. Ivorak


      Sadly, not a high bar.

  23. Oh is this why so many GWI newbs don't have flags? Yes please
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