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    I would be very interested to see the results of such voting on scenes, though a big LIKE button would look weird in the interface. Creatures might be another interesting one, but again the question of "where" pops up. If you need to own the creature to vote on it, the results will be skewed by rarity. If you place it on recruitment pages, non-recruitable creatures are an issue. Any ideas on either front, or anyone want to see voting on other things?
  2. Principles: Can be used for Inner Magic as well as the tokens you mentioned, though spell docs are in short supply, but anything's possible Combat: It was one of the most rewarding experiences in gaming for me to go from ready to sac all my creatures and quit combat to what is essentially, at least nowadays, a grinder (though a poor one who can easily be beaten). Granted a big help for that was tokens and I would likely have a more difficult time trying to do the same from where I was in the current environment with a slower economy and less people to train on, but it's hard to say whethe
  3. Happy birthday Peace! May you(r character) rest in yourself (and have a great day besides)

  4. If it's your dream, you can work on creating (or hiring someone to create) a pseudo-MD in VR on your own if you like, though obviously there may be some copyright issues involved and I'm no expert in that. MD is the way it is for a reason, many reasons infact. A VR environment would indeed take away from certain very important elements of the game as it is. This is not a matter of opinion to be argued, it's a fact.
  5. RIP Alex Jones, the king of fake news. (he didn't die just lost almost his whole internet footprint)

  6. The devil came by the other day, said he was my friend and I told him "Away!"

    The devil walked past as I waited in line, his wave left a chill in my spine

    The devil whispered in my ear as I dreamt, a night of terrors left me spent

    The devil came to my door again, I let him in, we are good friends

  7. Pipstickz


    Litigious Actors Whining
  8. Aia is correct, variances you've seen may have been due to tokens.
  9. Good reminder, to anyone interested this is still open.
  10. It would be in line with some other things to have a longer cooldown for self-made or more accessible items than special-made items. I wonder if the code is written in seconds or hours, that would solve whether it was a typo or not. It's harder to mistake for 151200 for 86400 than it is to mistake 42 for 24. Also this topic has a clickbait title, roughly double doesn't count as huge!
  11. One offers you sweets while the other comes with a spoonful of medicine. The candyman revered while the doctor despised. All will rot, but I will survive.

    1. Mallos


      "but I survive on the poisons you feed me"

  12. My assumption is that the stranger characteristics were meant to be represented by the coloured version of the Elu rather than uncoloured, or otherwise backstory or fiction or lore if you prefer. The only thing that stands out to me as odd is " They do however participate in fights out of curiosity."
  13. Stone tablets are made by combining many memory stones. I've been told that their intended use is indeed making normal stones out of lower-cast spells. I do believe Blackshade has used them before, and could offer you more information, Chew.
  14. Did you use the stolen heads to run your initial contest?
  15. I think it would be rather fair if Mallos used his recently acquired heads control to give MRF the heads his alt stole back to MRF. I believe the total number was 34, though I may be incorrect in my memory of it. Personally I think MRF would deserve a few extra in interest as well, considering how long this issue has dragged without redress, but that's just my opinion. I think this would be an acceptable exception to the rule constraining his use of heads control, if he still has it that is:
  16. I want a daughter while I'm still young

    I wanna hold her hand

    Show her some beauty before this damage is done

  17. If truth is painful, stop lying to yourself

    1. Mallos


      Fabric of spacetime? Fabric of cloth? NO fabrications here, I  don't like these infinite games they play, it doesn't work

    2. Mallos


      doesnt help anyone

    3. Mallos


      Plutchik-wheel_svg.png.2059c67326b1670a0edf6af05f196ba8.pngSEPARATE but CONNECTED, player vs character(s)... understand?

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  18. Welcome back Aethon, I was worried your brightest candle had burnt out the fastest, glad to see we remained in the back of your mind
  19. BFH :(( I wish we could've chatted again, sad to see you go, do be sure to think of us at least, if you won't pop in anymore! Best of luck with your pursuits!
  20. Keep trying Zuller, stop that Golemus revival, show your NC colours

  21. A log of the sacrifices of lashtal and I Thanks to lash for remembering to take it!
  22. : You don't notice as a snake slithers up your leg. You recoil at first but then calm when you see it offering you YET ANOTHER note Discovery has changed our circumstances, the previous note is to be ignored. Write your name on this note if you wish to be taken to the Toiler, and be sure you are present or idle/logout outside the Howling Gates on the day of, before 9 server time You will have a day to make your sacrifices and take in the scenery. : You throw away that last note since your pockets are almost overflowing, and store this one, eager to find a writing implement
  23. : You feel the talons of a crow dig into your shoulder, strange that you didn't hear it approach. It drops a small note in your hand, upon the reading of which the crow disappears silently. Addendum: Gather outside the Howling Gates in the morning hours (server time) of the appointed day and you may be taken to the toiler. Fight each other with the cause "Tithes" and pray, if enough such prayers are heard in time they may just be answered.
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