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  1. Welcome one, welcome all! I invite you to join the parade and write your opinion on the idea of pacifism on a societal (or bigger, or smaller, your choice in the end) scale. Write me your thoughts for or against or both or neither, but don't hold back! If anyone finds this is far too open ended then make your voice heard, and I'll shout back some prompts for everybody to hear. Please do remember to write your entries to me privately though as anything otherwise may affect the ideas of others, though I wouldn't dare stop anyone from their private discussion. All that being said, entries will be judged on

    x/10 Well reasoned

    x/10 Meaningful but concise (not too long not too short, use your judgement)

    x/5 Interesting

    Paraders may find an anniversary creature as reward at the end, and maybe some other prizes too. (Firmed rewards TBD)

    (Entries due by the end of the Anniv, and the parade theme is just a theme, I have no real intention of trying to wrangle all participants in the same place at the same time! Though if they spontaneously organized into a parade, that could be very cool! Much cooler than spontaneous combustion, though that's cool too.)

    Good luck folks!

  2. 1 minute ago, Muratus del Mur said:

    Am i wrong in thinking that the heal creature action is more used than the open creature page?


    Personally I will sometimes obsessively check my creatures' stats, go back to reread token descriptions, check abilites, whatever. Mostly when I heal I use the "heal all" button. So in my case I tend to use open page more than healing individual creatures.

  3. 18 hours ago, Ungod said:

    it binds you to a land (not gonna mine in GG and go for bark in LR)

    Why not? According to my reading of the announcement it shouldn't affect how a pickaxe and a bark cutting knife interact, only how two pickaxes interact.

  4. As one of the realm's foremost alliance disbandment experts, I very much approve of this idea for its capability to revive alliances. For resource-based guilds, as many have stated already, a skill requirement makes a lot of sense. For traditional, more roleplaying, alliances a land loyalty (again as many have stated) and roleplaying requirement seems to be a suitable. For example I could see someone earning SoE membership by writing an interesting research paper, or earning military-focused alliance (KoB, GG) membership by challenging a gauntlet of enemies to prove yourself, or earning TW or NS membership by eluding the Necrovion hunters for some days.

    The idea of a two-tiered system where earning membership by yourself is less valuable than just being invited seems very odd to me, as putting in the effort to do it yourself should ideally (in my estimation) be more difficult than just convincing somebody to invite you, and therefore offer more benefits, not less.

    That being said, I'm not sure I like the idea of a non-invite takeover or disbandment. Disbanding an alliance should be very difficult, and alliances should always remember to clean up their membership rosters (especially during critical moments like a conflict) lest they fall to disenchanted members who feel an alliance isn't meeting its intended purpose anymore.

    While I don't personally think one should be able to roleplay or gather their way into disbanding an alliance, I do think one could be able to perform a special group scattering ritual that is non-specific to any particular alliance, but that's an idea of its own and only tangentially related to this one.

  5. On 5/21/2016 at 2:23 PM, MRWander said:

    Fenth shores

    Mirror island

    gateway island



    The rewards have increased. You get a symbolic WP for the best answer without knowing the research behind all this, A WP plus 5 WP codes for whoever finds the actual name based on the research, and 20 credits for whoever has the most _original_ (and fitting) name suggestion except the "best answer" and the "research based answer".

    As far as I understand no rewards were ever distributed for this quest, and in fact no secondary winners were chosen either.

  6. It seems that Item Collecting (ie. where you can use ITCs) locations that are not Willow's Shop do not have the chat messages saying what was transferred and who received it, as Willow's Shop does. I have recently transferred items in both Necrovion and Loreroot, where there was no chat message. I would assume this to be the case, then, for every Item Collecting location other than Willow's Shop.

  7. Quote

    Ann. 4520 - [2018-08-10 23:34:25 - Stage 13] - Permalink - Posted By Chewett   3 likes  
    The voting system for announcements has been fixed after reworking all the /page/ pages. If you think that there is something we could add this to ingame make a forum post. The feature is there so adding it into anything is triveal. It could form apart of the next big feature.

    Voting on players? Alliances? Lands? Scenes? You shape MagicDuel, so lets start shaping.

    I would be very interested to see the results of such voting on scenes, though a big LIKE button would look weird in the interface. Creatures might be another interesting one, but again the question of "where" pops up. If you need to own the creature to vote on it, the results will be skewed by rarity. If you place it on recruitment pages, non-recruitable creatures are an issue. Any ideas on either front, or anyone want to see voting on other things?

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