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  1. Aia and redneck have both proven themselves to be better at losing than me, so it looks like I've lost and they both advance
  2. Sometimes I'll attack somebody who has some heads to try and take them all for myself, but I only get 2 at a time by winning. Why does that happen and how can I get all of them in one fight?
  3. Regeneration is a combat stat. It heals your creatures after you fight with them. Some creatures have it naturally, others may need to borrow yours via influence. Energetic immunity is a stat that buffers against the negative effects of walking. In particular the higher your EI the less VE you lose by walking in places other than your homeland (doesn't work for No Man's Land citizens). Trade sense is a stat that buffers against shop prices. The higher your trade sense, the less WI you need to buy armour. Briskness will increase the amount of heat you can harvest with your Erolin
  4. Aramor Assembler on Gateway Island is titled Aramor Assambler
  5. Similar issue, clicking outside the frame used to close it, that behaviour doesn't work for me anymore. Clicking left or right of it works fine, but underneath doesn't anymore.
  6. To the best of my knowledge the private message system is entirely private between the two participants, so it's a great way to have quiet conversations.
  7. Some general rules of thumb according to my understanding: If you find something that seems like an exploit or bug, don't abuse it for personal benefit It can be ok to "paint outside the lines" (ie. break or bend some rules) but realize that you do so at your own risk Try to respect the time and effort of other players Don't threaten or harass others, or anything similarly personally abrasive Don't make similar mistakes multiple times
  8. The most important buttons of the whole interface, in my experience, are Navigate (left side menu) and inventory (bottom bar icon which opens your inventory in the right side panel). Creatures page (left menu) is also important if you want to look at and heal your creatures. Most of the rest can be explored at your own pace.
  9. Shard abilities generally interact with the marks of other creatures and can have various effects. You can give a creature a shard ability by sacrificing other creatures of the same species to gain shards, and then spending those shards on your desired creature's page.
  10. A good way to get a large amount of heat scars is to ask somebody to set a defence ritual with huge VE and then beat it. Creatures who use lifesteal can be a great way to accomplish this.
  11. The intoxicate ability doesn't seem to do much in combat but if you can hit your opponent's creatures with it, it should reduce your opponents stats temporarily once the fight is over. This can be confirmed by the trigger "intoxicated_by_[your player ID]".
  12. There are tag dispensers at various locations around the realm. I've seen one in Loreroot and one in MagicDuel Archives, but there might even be more. Each tag on the different dispensers has unique requirements to access it.
  13. One way to accomplish this is to trade your creature to a trusted friend and have them give it back, though your creature will lose some age that way. Another way to accomplish this, if you totemize a creature and then quickly untotemize it, your creature will keep all its wins, age, and other stuff but will return as a level 1 version of that creature, allowing you to rename it or even stop at an earlier level.
  14. First you should prepare with a heat jar (can be found in Golemus Golemicarum as a shared tool) and 2 timeless dust. Then set out to find the totemizer, it's a clickable item somewhere near the Archives. A notepad would be handy too, as the totemizer will ask you for both the heat jar ID number and the ID number of whatever creature you wish to totemize. Once you give the creature ID, you should get a shiny new totem.
  15. Each location in MD has viscosity that can range between -80 and +20. As an example, if I'm at the Gazebo of Equilibrium and it has +20 viscosity, it will cost 1 + 20 AP to move away from that location. If I'm at Plains of Liberty and it has -80 viscosity, it will cost 81 - 80 AP to move away from that scene. At minimum (barring unusual circumstances) a scene should cost 1 AP to move away from. Viscosity is lowered by 4 in a scene every time somebody moves away from that scene, and will raise back up over time. Volition is a stat that is gained when you reduce the viscosity of a location.
  16. Buildable creatures are creatures that are not recruitable by normal means, but must be put together by combining resources instead. The Molima is a resource-intensive buildable creature whose combiner can be found around the Archives. The Shmsh is an easier to build buildable creature whose combiner can be found near some other more common creatures who can be recruited normally.
  17. Level 2 Grasans, if given certain names specific to each output, will consume 1 wiiya per day and excrete one per day of various resources (fat, skin, solid stench, toxic gas, grasan ferment) A Molima, if left with its default name, will consume as many bones as ten times its level (10 for level 1, 40 for level 4, etc) per day and produce one death spore per day An Elucubration will consume one candy per day and produce one coloured paper per day (I don't think their name matters in this case, though I'm not sure if they're even nameable either)
  18. Having more active heat when you fight will multiply your combat rewards up to 3x (both stat rewards and heat scars). As a rule of thumb you'll gain a greater variety of stat rewards by earning more heat scars in a single fight.
  19. There are two types of skilldamage. One is when you have around 1000 more losses than wins (as per this announcement). The other type is given as a stat of its own similar to attack or briskness, as you can see on the profile of players who are in possession of this stat such as Yoshi. If you lose a fight under either circumstance (lose a fight while hugely unbalanced on the losses side, or lose a fight to someone who has skilldamage stat) you will lose the same amount of stats that the other fighter won by fighting you.
  20. The limiting factor for most new players in recruiting those Grasans is Worldly Inertia (sometimes referred to as value points). New accounts usually start with around 1000 maximum WI and can increase that maximum through various means. However it is possible to gather WI higher than your maximum, the easiest way to do so is by fighting someone, though there are other ways too. You can see how much WI you gained from a particular fight in the "results" tab of a fight log. Watch out though, if your timer (top-left of the interface) ticks over while your WI is higher than its maximum it will be
  21. Spell documents can be given by specific players who have the ability to reward that particular level of that document. Some spell documents have more or fewer levels, and each level contains a small portion of the whole spell. Spell documents are related to the inner magic side and are not as easily "castable" in the same way that outer magic spells are. If you want more information on outer magic, the spells you can cast in MD chat, see here.
  22. To achieve an achievement you first have to find it on a clickable item somewhere in the realm and "unlock" or "activate" it for your character. Once you've done so you can check whether you meet the requirements to achieve your desired achievement at any time by clicking the book in the bottom left of the interface and clicking "check" under the achievement in question.
  23. Tokens are applied to a random creature when you buy/apply them. When a token is applied to a creature, you'll be able to find information on what that tokens does on that particular creature's page. A slightly more sneaky way to find token information is to fight someone else who's got a tokened creature in their ritual and read the "tokens" tab of the fight log. If you want a specific token on a specific creature, there are a couple ways to go about it. You could always ask around and see if any other players have that creature with that token. Alternatively, you could get that specific
  24. It took some convincing, but our judges (me) finally got off their lazy rear ends and produced a judgement. First place goes to Nepgear for exquisite marching and nailing the high notes - 20 Second place goes to Ungod for creative maneuvers with expressive movements - 18 Third place goes to Tamu for carrying the bass end of our songs - 13 Fourth place goes to Fang Archbane for highly energetic dance moves - 9 Thank you all for marching with us! Thank you too, our audience, for watching!
  25. I had a similar or same issue on a fresh alt on Gateway, no screenshot or anything though.
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