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  1. Happy bday Rophs

  2. Happy birthday Peace! May you(r character) rest in yourself (and have a great day besides)

  3. RIP Alex Jones, the king of fake news. (he didn't die just lost almost his whole internet footprint)

  4. The devil came by the other day, said he was my friend and I told him "Away!"

    The devil walked past as I waited in line, his wave left a chill in my spine

    The devil whispered in my ear as I dreamt, a night of terrors left me spent

    The devil came to my door again, I let him in, we are good friends

  5. One offers you sweets while the other comes with a spoonful of medicine. The candyman revered while the doctor despised. All will rot, but I will survive.

    1. Mallos


      "but I survive on the poisons you feed me"

  6. I want a daughter while I'm still young

    I wanna hold her hand

    Show her some beauty before this damage is done

  7. If truth is painful, stop lying to yourself

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Mallos


      Fabric of spacetime? Fabric of cloth? NO fabrications here, I  don't like these infinite games they play, it doesn't work

    3. Mallos


      doesnt help anyone

    4. Mallos


      Plutchik-wheel_svg.png.2059c67326b1670a0edf6af05f196ba8.pngSEPARATE but CONNECTED, player vs character(s)... understand?

  8. Keep trying Zuller, stop that Golemus revival, show your NC colours


    thx Chewer

  10. A scar across the land, a spill 'cross the lake

    Make bare snarling noses, reveal sneers beneath

    Contemptuous many, give me your take

    I'll give it right back when you show me your teeth


    Nothing comes for free

    1. Mallos


      What do you mean by nothing?

  11. Garo vs Ikana

    Gain the trust of the kingdom, they hold the key to the tower

    Climb to the top of the tower and defeat the master, he holds the light

    Use the light to turn the world upside down around you so you may face death

    Surpassing death will face you with duality, become a giant and destroy it

    Whose will are you truly following?

    Belief or disbelief rests with you.

    1. Pipstickz


      I'll allow your whims to guide my path,

      they twist and turn to bind my wrath.

      You'll follow my sins and trace my past,

      while I peak underneath that mask.

  12. I am MD's greatest villain. Moreover, none of you had noticed or cared. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled...

    1. Ivorak


      Sadly, not a high bar.

  13. Holy Cow Z, slow down!


    1. Mallos


      and FlyingChipmunk !

  15. So if you even remember
    Me after all that will come
    Think of all i intended
    Not what I've done

    1. Mallos


      do as I say not as I do

    2. Pipstickz


      Exactly so! Hypocrisy is abound in this world, it does not alone make one wrong in what they say.

    3. ignnus
  16. Just give me the news

    It could all be lies

    Exciting over fair or the right thing at the right time

    Everything is clear

    Just how you described

    The way it appears in a world possessed by the human mind

    1. Pipstickz


      Then I think I smiled...

  17. "Top down, let 'em see a king
    East side, East side, I'm just bein' me
    I'm just seein' Gs, I'm just makin' culture
    I just say the realest [stuff] and hope it don't insult you"

  18. Sometimes I get world sick: We put our children in prisons, put our prisoners to work and tell our workers they're enslaved.

    1. Mallos


      I get sick of this you vs me attitude to pretend like anyone is any different, because we have different ideas or intentions. If we aren't working together, we aren't working.

  19. MD is a game built by its playerbase. If you hurt the playerbase, you hurt the game.

  20. A dumb leader knows what he could have with power

    A smart leader knows what he must sacrifice to achieve power

    A wise leader knows he'll be sacrificing every day from the moment he decides he wants power to the moment he loses it

    (Not all leaders are "he" just a generalization!)

  21. Calling Nim's +rep brigade!

  22. Good job beating Kurt, Amoran! You go girl

  23. I can help if any small organizational tasks are needed for Anniversary, ie. keeping track of lists, reminders, etc


    1. Pipstickz


      Of course, that goes for any quest maker who needs an extra set of hands to make things work!

    2. Mallos


      and maybe some extra feet?

    3. Pipstickz


      Or a head, I heard IAB's is fresh reinstalled

  24. " I'll be back when things get exciting " How many players are saying this to themselves? A listeral ton.

    1. Lazarus


      Me! *raises hand*

    2. Pipstickz


      Stop it now, and lose some weight! Apparently you weigh a listeral ton.

    3. Lazarus


      I ate a relative of you today Pip

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