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  1. As far as I understand no rewards were ever distributed for this quest, and in fact no secondary winners were chosen either.
  2. Leaders should be put out as targets, that's part of their job. Taking a leadership role opens you to criticisms as well as a more public profile which comes with other risks.
  3. As to 3 and 4 unless it's been removed (or maybe it was so long ago, it was only attached to those King of __ accounts), rulers should still have the ability to write a "laws of the land" type document viewable by fellow citizens but not the general public. As to the idea in general: Why?
  4. It seems that Item Collecting (ie. where you can use ITCs) locations that are not Willow's Shop do not have the chat messages saying what was transferred and who received it, as Willow's Shop does. I have recently transferred items in both Necrovion and Loreroot, where there was no chat message. I would assume this to be the case, then, for every Item Collecting location other than Willow's Shop.
  5. Pipstickz


    I would be very interested to see the results of such voting on scenes, though a big LIKE button would look weird in the interface. Creatures might be another interesting one, but again the question of "where" pops up. If you need to own the creature to vote on it, the results will be skewed by rarity. If you place it on recruitment pages, non-recruitable creatures are an issue. Any ideas on either front, or anyone want to see voting on other things?
  6. Principles: Can be used for Inner Magic as well as the tokens you mentioned, though spell docs are in short supply, but anything's possible Combat: It was one of the most rewarding experiences in gaming for me to go from ready to sac all my creatures and quit combat to what is essentially, at least nowadays, a grinder (though a poor one who can easily be beaten). Granted a big help for that was tokens and I would likely have a more difficult time trying to do the same from where I was in the current environment with a slower economy and less people to train on, but it's hard to say whethe
  7. Happy birthday Peace! May you(r character) rest in yourself (and have a great day besides)

  8. If it's your dream, you can work on creating (or hiring someone to create) a pseudo-MD in VR on your own if you like, though obviously there may be some copyright issues involved and I'm no expert in that. MD is the way it is for a reason, many reasons infact. A VR environment would indeed take away from certain very important elements of the game as it is. This is not a matter of opinion to be argued, it's a fact.
  9. RIP Alex Jones, the king of fake news. (he didn't die just lost almost his whole internet footprint)

  10. The devil came by the other day, said he was my friend and I told him "Away!"

    The devil walked past as I waited in line, his wave left a chill in my spine

    The devil whispered in my ear as I dreamt, a night of terrors left me spent

    The devil came to my door again, I let him in, we are good friends

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    Litigious Actors Whining
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