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  1. Honestly I still think phantasm is to master-chiefly to blame for giving Ledah the tool in the first place, even if Chewett enabled the transfer.
  2. I think this is an elegant solution, if there's no significant reason to bar disparate MP interaction
  3. Welcome one, welcome all! I invite you to join the parade and write your opinion on the idea of pacifism on a societal (or bigger, or smaller, your choice in the end) scale. Write me your thoughts for or against or both or neither, but don't hold back! If anyone finds this is far too open ended then make your voice heard, and I'll shout back some prompts for everybody to hear. Please do remember to write your entries to me privately though as anything otherwise may affect the ideas of others, though I wouldn't dare stop anyone from their private discussion. All that being said, entries will be
  4. I have this issue on a Molima and two Tormented Souls as well, don't remember how or why it could've happened though
  5. Personally I will sometimes obsessively check my creatures' stats, go back to reread token descriptions, check abilites, whatever. Mostly when I heal I use the "heal all" button. So in my case I tend to use open page more than healing individual creatures.
  6. Creature VE could be represented by a translucent yellow/orange bar at the bottom of a creature's portrait, and clicking that bar heals while clicking off the bar takes you to the creature page. ie. a third to a quarter of the portrait heals, while the rest of it is the page
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