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  1. The mysteries and lack of spoilers is one thing that kept me staying in the game. I have dug and stuck my nose in many area's when I first started many players thought i had another account by the questions i had asked and the amount of knowledge I had gained so quickly. I loved it an reveled in it all especially that I had to find everything out for myself, I was given clues and directions pointed at but then a few months into the game more and more i was seeing spoilers all over in chat and though I knew moat of them they spoiled the ambiance of the game and it has just gotten worse and worse. It has completely changed the way I play the game and though I do still stick my nose into some places have lost the yearning to dig and learn things because it has gotten to the point of why bother it ll just be blabbed out in chat a week or two from now.
  2. [quote name='dst' post='22274' date='Dec 14 2008, 09:22 AM']Good side of this hole server issue: I slept like a rock the hole week-end. Bad side:combined with the shi*** weather from outside the lack of playing made me grumpy and cranky and moody.[/quote] So we can look forward to you striking out against everyone again?
  3. Its great thank you @ Storm Dst's Grassan ritual would like to meet you soon Je Suis Oeufs Fous.
  4. *backs away* I am not into emotion support physically....but thank you anyways
  5. mishadowst (ID:78095) I am interested. MP4 Can go to MP5 if you d rather.
  6. Greetings and welcome (even though we met on one of your first days)
  7. when you stop saying no one and find other things to say instead for fear of confusing people that your talking about No One
  8. Greetings and well met though the circumstances arent the greatest.
  9. dont you need to go through MP3 to become MP4? or was i the only one? I m still hearing people swearing vengeance against Demo Account at MP5 so i thought it d be a funny thread...
  10. erm *complain Ok now I've heard a lot of people complain about the Demo account attacking them but am I the only one who hasn't been attacked by it?
  11. Thanks guys. I asked around but nobody was sure what its was for.
  12. Just above the LHO square there is a little faded grey colored circle like a timer with a yellow bar protruding from it that goes around the circle like a clock hand almost it takes about a minute to go around and then the middle of the circle turns gold for like a second anyone know what this does??
  13. While looking for her i discover Morrel has been missing since the battle at the house of liquid dust
  14. I m not stalking you... I ve only been on your page 347 times.....

  15. i hope your done being emo.....

  16. Logan. hope it turns out for the best and any like memory items ie stuff with more emotional value then monetary valued stuff is ok...(Rens room is boring without you!!!*)
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