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  1. when you stop saying no one and find other things to say instead for fear of confusing people that your talking about No One
  2. I m not stalking you... I ve only been on your page 347 times.....

  3. i hope your done being emo.....

  4. -when you sub MD characters for childhood songs... ----------org.--------- Little bunny, Foo Foo Hopping through the forest Scooping up the field mice And bopping them on the head Down came the Good Fairy and she said, "Little bunny, Foo Foo I don't want to see you Scooping up the field mice And bopping them on the head." -------------MD version---------- Metal Bunny, Foo Foo Hopping through Loreroot Scooping up the noobies And bopping them on the head Down came the Manu and he said, "Metal Bunny, Foo
  5. -when you shuffle your feet on the carpet to generate enough heat to cast lightning lvl1 on your siblings
  6. yami should be the announcer for the races....like in horse racing^^

  7. -when your trying to balance your characters on other games :/ then realize your not on MD
  8. ^ EPIC!!! -when your checking this thread every hour to see who is doing the same MD actions IRL
  9. Shouldnt you be studying instead of reading this???

  10. your friends IRL ask why you havent slept for days and your reply is "I need more heads" or your randomly cusing and shaking from withdraws for a ten minute server glitch thingy also you upload picts of Bob the tree in bloom to a social site as a background
  11. mishadowst

    New ideas

    I believe it would be helpful to have it where adepts can find their "mentor" on the map at anytime. Also when your regen activates can it be a different color? I keep thinking i m losing ap and ve.
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