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  1. Phew, I thinked the finishing date was today and still i need to draw two more avatars... let´s work hard then!
  2. ((Note: I almost always try to play and post In Character mode so here i go , the quality of the draw is bad cause this is a photo, I will scan it later but i wished to show my work the soon as posible)) Nelador finishes his work... the whisperings stopped at least, is brushes now are resting in his desk... -It´s done, at least is done...- says exhausted... He grabs his draw and he puts in his folder, slowly he begins to walk out his home... After a couple of hours he arrives the Artisans Guild, he do a reverence and show his work to the person in charge... -This is my art, the desire to
  3. Just asking... are you still looking for new artists?
  4. I´m here for Spanish Translation Señores The spanish is my main language and i understand almost perfectly english language
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