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  1. Lol, in my language DST is STD....though i find weirder someone called Daylight Saving Time

  2. Got curious bout ya when we talked,yes you are beautiful and cheerful in the same way you talk...funny enought is that not many peopel around here is cheerful,too much seriousness and "stepping on eggs" for me...cya later

  3. You dont seem rude....at least not to me much the opposite really playful....oh well people usually dont have taste for playfulness...you cant make fish fly,even if its good be able to fly...

  4. Nice eyes,and pretty skin bet you have to use high factor for sun XD,i ran away from sun too...lol im starting to rambling...how long have you been playing MD i've been seeing you around for some time but never really talked much...oh well,i met your shadow...i think at least..¬¬ cyaaa

  5. lol mcvitie is XD confused...you just follow her?

  6. Oh...I thought you were a girl,at least some people told me so..this game is quite confusing with genders...XD

  7. hmmm Is it that i see some green eyes...drools...ahem
  8. [quote name='Chewett' date='09 December 2009 - 07:27 PM' timestamp='1260386851' post='49520'] You have to contact mur and he will set it up... But i know for a fact that [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/user/3424-aelis/"]Aelis[/url] has contacted mur recently about it, i would pm him so mur doesnt get a wave of emails. [/quote] Ya know 'bout that bro, that punk Aelis gotta make the work with the boss though the nigga may be a still a baby chick...XD(been watching too much gangsta)
  9. Just to know....is the up above already in work...no one ever contacted me and im ALWAYS looking at the md community(though i dont play like before).....btw my messenger is lf-br1fan@hotmail.com
  10. Awww what cute little doggy!!!Though she seems a little on the evil side......put some dark glasses on her...
  11. Here, let me really invade your space! SMOOCH!

  12. I wish to suggest some rules to do trades to prevent cheating at trades and similars: 1. One or two RPC should be always present 2. The trade should ocurr in real time with both parties in the same place to catalogue the event.(For a matter of trust and ethics the place should be chosen by the party that came to buy,not the seller that put the post here) 3. Both traders should give their trading itens to the rpc in charge that is trustful( i was thinking about Calyx or Ailith,mainly Ailith her name says it all,solver of conflicts) 4. After the rpc shall give the respective itens to the t
  13. I need the links to the forum of Loreroot,i lost mine and i need to see whats going on and who is in charge depending on the leader im coming back,already talked with Sage,though she still didnt answered for the link so im posting here since its faster to get...by the way send it over pm....
  14. I have an archive with more than 400 poems since my 13 years,soo i can help with this a lot XD!Although didnt helped with that section this one would be just copy and paste,maybe sometimes writing even new ones....Here is one that is long: [u][b]A Theatre of Tango[/b][/u] [u]1th Act:[/u] Feel like running But never reaching Mine fingers keep touching yours With no acknowledgment Through days we keep the same game I’m always acting and you’re always smiling Could you be that stupid? Or it’s just another game To not face what’s already written Unspoken words reign our world
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