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  1. And so, I decided to get my hands dirty and make the first hesitant steps into the world of quest making. As an attempt to contribute to the celebrations of the 10th MD Birthday, I have prepared a small treasure hunt. It consists of eleven clues, which are scattered all over the place save the first one that will be posted in this topic in due time. Each clue will point, directly or indirectly, at the location (scene) of the next clue until the last one that will lead to the final treasure. The quest is entirely based on scripted clickables that can be found in No Man's Land, Marind Bell,
  2. I could lend a hand with this as well.
  3. I'm interested in the Land Weapons. I have spent some time doing research on Loreroot's Land Weapon based partly on information here in the forum, partly on in-game exploration and discussions with other players and partly on my own weird intuitive guesses.
  4. "I don't feel my body like a cage. I can do all sorts of weird things with it that seem impossible to most. When I'm out there, I don't merely play a character in a story. I try to bring a person to life; I think like them and act like them. Sometimes, I'm so close to them that I feel it's them that get the applause in the end. But after the curtain falls and the lights go off, when all that's left is sweat, pain and two knees that can hardly keep me up, I don't dare look in the mirror of my dressing room. I no longer recognise the face reflected there as my own, after the make-up is gone and
  5. Activity: Daily, but mainly during the morning; my presence at other times during the day depends on how merciful Real Life decides to be. Role: Guardian of the Root (current loyalty leader). Nothing more specific that's worth mentioning.
  6. Chrome (Version 38.0.2125.122) worked fine for me with no issues. Same for IE (Version 11.0.9600.17358).
  7. @Aeoshattr: At least, when you try to point fingers do it properly. A major factor that can determine how easy or difficult it is to take over an alliance is the leader's "loyalty"* and, in a lesser extent, whether said leader is on-line and fast enough to react during a take-over attempt. My own loyalty was still low and easy to surpass and I was absent during most of the day it all happened. *I quote the word, because I don't consider actual loyalty to be something that can be measured. @DD: You are correct that you have nothing to do with me. You went inactive long before I got t
  8. Skills: Translating documents, mainly literature and poetry, Proof-reading, Story telling, Organisational skills, experience at using spreadsheets and databases to keep things tidy, No coding, scripting or drawing skills, Some limited experience in bug-testing. Interests in MD: Roleplay and increase of activity within the realm. What you would like to work on now: Spell-checking and other minor things where my skills can be of some use. Minor drawback: On vacation till Monday 18/8.
  9. Principle: Balance and Imagination, as a very close second, are the two principles I find myself more drawn towards, not just in my in-game life where Imagination dominates ("Do you all hear that or is it just me?" ;)) and Balance seems like a distant and elusive goal, but mainly in my life out of the game, where both principles work in tandem like a motivating force, a tool and a source to create flow in motion, art. Element: Water, with Wind being a close second as well, again following the "flow in motion" idea. Land affiliation: Loreroot, more because of my adaptability to the "wi
  10. It's my images that missed your tweaks, Ary, because I made them before seeing yours and when I came here to post mine, it was too late in the night to edit them and add your changes too. To avoid repeating the posts above, I agree with most suggestions, I just don't consider showing honour for alliance members or the "Protected by" text you added as a must have. It doesn't hurt to have them though, since they aren't really secret and they don't take up too much space to make their addition problematic.
  11. After making the wild assumption that the whole free space around the avatar is reserved for medals, I took the first image from my previous post, multiplied the medals it had, added a couple more lines to the description and came up with this: I'm not sure if medals can have that much of an impact on the size of the first page, considering that the avatar dimensions are pretty much standard and only the description can vary in length and potentially make this page too long. My idea is to keep most, if not all, roleplay elements on the first page (as I said before, if the buttons for the ch
  12. In truth, the mini-profile could still fit in two pages without the need to add a third one. What I did above was to shift the avatar upwards (I probably overdid it though -- working with graphics isn't really my thing), move the "More..." button and the "Mind Power" text closer to each other and remove the buttons for the character's papers from the first page to free some space for the description to fit in. If the shifting and moving around can make enough room on their own, then the buttons for the papers can remain on the first page. On the second page, I merely put the character's stats
  13. AD: 199 Volition: 35.56 No grinding, just the usual long walks I have been taking almost ever since I came to the realm.
  14. intuition noun \ˌin-tü-ˈi-shən, -tyü-\ : a natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence : a feeling that guides a person to act a certain way without fully understanding why : something that is known or understood without proof or evidence 1 : quick and ready insight 2 a : immediate apprehension or cognition b : knowledge or conviction gained by intuition c : the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference Intuition can fit the idea of getting a better understa
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