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  1. Water: This creature looks mostly like a dragon. I say "mostly" because it's simpler to say "dragon" than "a gigantic flying lizard that spits fire to unwary travellers, in particular those who are bold enough to mess with the treasures it guards". However, this dragon isn't exactly like the beasts of legend you may have read about in many tales; it's neither the flying nor the fire-spitting kind. This one is a very skilled swimmer and has fins that make it a very fast one as well; it can also retract its fins and use its four slender, when compared to its size, but strong limbs for
  2. Water: Dragon Crowds: Macaque Old Age: Apatosaurus
  3. Water: Ivy – Elongated tendrils Shark – Large fins Python – Very long and tightly coiled body, impossible to find where it begins and where it ends Eagle – Sharp talons Sea Lion – Jaws with big sharp teeth Crowds: Pitcher Plant – A giant colourful and slippery pitcher that's very difficult to resist entering and impossible to come out of once inside Piranha – Sharp teeth Viper – Poison gland Vinegar Fly – Annoyingly large numbers of them (If it's not acceptable, then I will go with "Three pairs of huge wings, instead of a single pair".)
  4. Water: Ivy – Shark – Python – Eagle – Sea Lion – Rock Crowds: Pitcher Plant – Piranha – Viper – Vinegar Fly – Chimpanzee – Lightning Old age: Oak – Anglerfish – Giant Tortoise – Vulture – Elephant – Fire
  5. Name: Valoryn - ID: 246890 - Scene: 1_-2x4_3 Reason: As a citizen of Loreroot and a Guardian of the Root, I have already been guarding Wasp's Totem unofficially for over two years.
  6. Apologies for the delay in posting this. Out of nine players who participated in the Treasure Hunt, there was one player who completed the quest: Nimrodel. Therefore, she wins a Wish Point from me, an aged Angien from the TKs and 4 Wookie Points. All other participants are rewarded with a Wookie Point. Thank you to all participants for giving this quest a chance and for the effort you put in it, despite its increased difficulty.
  7. For this MD Birthday I have prepared another treasure hunt, with a few improvements based on player feedback from the previous one I run a year ago. Hence why it's "v1.1". Like the first treasure hunt I made, this quest is entirely based on scripted clickables. It's a race, but it doesn't matter when you will begin and finish the hunt*. What matters is how much time you will spend from beginning to end. The fastest one wins. Requirements: No alts – Only one account per player is allowed to participate. How to start: Go to Willow's Shop and Speak to the Shopkeeper. No regi
  8. This happened while engaging the third NPC at the House of Liquid Dust with a fresh MP3: It didn't occur again during the tutorial.
  9. The same thing happened today with a tequila bottle. The last use was made while the drunk effect was already active from previous uses and without its owner passing it to others at all from the time of its acquisition to the time when all 20 uses were consumed. Item id: 15926.
  10. From my observations during these last few days: - An account spends six hours being idle. - Once the six hours are over, the idle sign disappears but the account remains in-game. - The account spends another hour in this seemingly active state before being logged out.
  11. I confirm that I don't see any errors anywhere on the profile page any more.
  12. I get this warning in the weapons section after using Loreroot pass papers: instead of the one mentioned in the opening post.
  13. Rewards were distributed to the winners. This topic can now be closed. Thank you. :)
  14. And the winners are... First place: Clock Master Wins: a Wish Point, a 10th Anniversary Aramor and one of the following spellstones: Mirrorritual, Silvertongue, Locate Second place: dst Wins: a Morph and one of the spellstones above (after Clock Master has made a choice) Third place: Asthir Wins: 1 Gold Coin, a Send to GoE spellstone and the remaining spellstone from those mentioned above [log='Results']Name: Clock Master – Current stage: 11 – Time spent: 6039 Name: dst – Current stage: 11 – Time spent: 8188 Name: Lania – Current stage: 3 – Time spent: 1729 Name: Asthir – Curr
  15. The Treasure Hunt has ended. Thank you to everybody that participated. Participants, don't forget to submit your feedback in the Quest Voting interface. It will be greatly appreciated. :) The results will be announced shortly (a small delay might apply due to Real Life interference).
  16. @Myth: I have no objection on this at all. If there is no objection from the Host of Day 8 and the Administrators as well, a further 24 hours can be given before the quest ends. Unless people would prefer it to run through the remaining three days (8, 9 and 10) instead; I think, however, that permission should be given first because there is a chance of the quest colliding with other events during those days and I wouldn't want to mess anything. @Apophys: like I said to Miq before, keep searching. :) Edited to add: A further 24 hours before the quest ends have been
  17. You haven't begun the quest yet according to my storage, since I don't see your name among the participants, so keep searching. :)
  18. Edited original post to add the first clue and the password for the clickables. Good luck to all participants!
  19. Updated original post with the rewards. More sponsors are welcome. :)
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