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  1. "And they set out, as soon as the sun was up, on their long journey to whatever destination, purpose or end. Strangers among themselves, they had only one acquaintance in common: the eldest in the group, who they immediately declared their leader and made it a habit to go to him to solve any disputes they had with each other or to advise them on each step of the journey. But he would have none of it. They needed to get to know each other, so as to act independently from each other, as one group or as part of smaller groups, depending on what each situation would demand. All the knowledge
  2. I have extended the quest for a few more days and revealed some of the rewards. The original post has been updated accordingly.
  3. With the risk of turning a habit into a tradition, I come with yet another treasure hunt for this 12th MD Birthday. As always, it's a quest entirely based on scripted clickables scattered all over the place. It's a race. However, it doesn't matter when you begin or finish the quest, except in the case of a tie (same amount of time spent from beginning to end) in any of the winning positions; in such a case, the player beginning the quest earlier wins the tie. The player who finishes the quest in the shortest amount of time wins. Requirements: No alts – Only one accou
  4. “And once the fire dissipated, the voices grew silent and the dancing stopped, they found an open space and sat on the ground, their eyes fixed towards the east. Without exchanging a single word, even a single look among themselves, they waited to see the first light of the day and the sun rise. It was the sealing of their promise to venture through the endless darkness and bring the light back to the people they left behind, family, friends and strangers alike...” The Ninth session of the Camp of Lost Tales will continue the theme from the Eighth session: Rebirth, Renewal, Re
  5. I would like the Loreroot Hidden Exit to have a second MD-Script clickable (a rock, a sapling or anything subtle that can fit the scene), so that I can use the scene for both my personal clickable quests and other quests I may be involved in, without having to pause or disable one to run the other.
  6. I would like to see the woodcutting related tag dispatcher move from Wasp’s Totem, where its placeholder image obstructs nearly half the scene and the scene itself has nothing to do with woodcutting, to another scene like the interior of the Lore Manor, with the prospect of also seeing the placeholder replaced (at a later time) with something more subtle, like a book.
  7. "...and they danced for hours knowing that, in the long journey that still lay ahead of them, many would perish and, perhaps, none of them would return home. It was fitting, therefore, to celebrate life like they did, to appreciate the life they were given with all the joys and sorrows, the dull and exciting moments they experienced, their dreams that came true and those that didn't and the hope that they would end their journey alive and renewed; just like the renewal and rebirth they had often celebrated with the coming of spring." The Vernal Equinox (celebrated on 20 March
  8. "The day, finally, came when they left their homes behind. But before their journey truly began, they stopped at the first clearing they found and set a bonfire. And they began to sing and dance around it, like they had never celebrated before. To an outsider, it would seem absurd to watch men and women of various ages celebrate in that way and in such a remote place. But for them it was an ancient tradition that survived to their time since the days of the first groups of adventurers who set out to seek their fortune into the wide wild world." Continuing the theme set by the
  9. "He was among the older ones in the group, grim looking and quiet when duty called; he had a habit, however, to sing while on the long Road. Nobody complained in the company about it, since a good song was sometimes all they needed to improve their spirits. And he was skilled enough for his habit to spread among a few others like some kind of a mysterious contagion; the kind that none of them would want to get rid of..." This Sixth session will involve stories that relate to two things: habits that occur so often that somebody can end up being defined by them and those that ha
  10. "...He was the youngest in the group; eager to get involved in everything as a means to prove himself to the others, but also reckless and too quick to judge both people and situations. That stance concerned the rest of the group, sometimes more than the dangers on the road ahead. Would he manage to learn something from the veterans in his company and mature through the experience or would his attitude risk tearing everything apart?" Continuing the theme from the Fourth session, this time our stories will revolve around learning experiences and whether we manage to actually le
  11. Due to lack of participation, the Fourth Session will be held again on: Day 23 (Tuesday, 24 January), 9 pm Server Time outside the Oak Tower in Loreroot.
  12. You are welcome, dst, and congratulations once again.
  13. The quest has ended and I have the results in my possession. There were nine people in total that tried this small quest. Among them, only one finished it and wins the rewards for first place: dst. Congratulations, dst, and thank you to all participants. The results in detail: The clues and the solution to the puzzle:
  14. "For the younger ones, it was a chance to see the world and experience what it has to offer. For the older ones, it was the opportunity they wanted to break free from their old bonds and begin anew. So great was their desire to shed their past lives that the dangers that lay on the journey ahead didn't seem to bother them. But there was an even greater danger that most appeared to be oblivious of: themselves." The coming of a new year is often seen as an opportunity to turn a page, close a chapter or a book and begin a new one, to leave bad experiences of the past year behind
  15. The original post has been updated with the rewards for first, second and third place. The quest is going to be extended until the end of this weekend (end of Sunday, 8 January) as well, because I will be away around the time when I will need to disable it tonight. This will be a good opportunity for players that have already begun the quest to have some time more in order to finish it and for those who haven't given it a try yet to do so.
  16. I wouldn't have used a scene with no clickables in a clickable-based quest; it's just not an obvious one.
  17. I have already contacted the TKs for sponsorship; I did so only yesterday though, when I was certain the quest could run without problems, so it might take them some time to respond, due to it being holiday time. Further sponsorship is more than welcome.
  18. It's Christmas time and the exchange of presents is one of the core aspects of celebrating it. In the above spirit, I have made a small clickable quest for this holiday. All you need to do is visit Loreroot Hidden Exit and ask for your Christmas present. It's that simple. Well, not really. You will need to do a little work before getting you present, because something seems to have gone terribly wrong. The clickables involved in this quest are scattered around No Man's Land, Marind Bell, Loreroot, Golemus, MD Archives and the Lands of the East. The player who finishe
  19. I got my Elu on 4 December, for winning first place on Ungod's "Halloween Monsters" quest, but since then it hasn't consumed a single rainbow candy from my inventory and, as a result, hasn't produced any coloured paper either. On a relevant note, rainbow candies don't seem to melt after the two weeks from their creation are over. I'm pretty certain some of the rainbow candies I have in my inventory were created more than two weeks ago and they are still intact.
  20. "Preparation may not truly be half the journey, that would be a waste of time better used in more creative ways, but its importance is undeniable. They were meant to venture deep into the darkness, both literal and otherwise, and they had to be ready for it. Whether they would manage to see the dawn that follows was too early to tell. One thing was certain: the longest night lay ahead of them." Although winter is the season of dormancy, darkness and cold, the Winter Solstice marks the "turning of the Sun" and the days slowly grow longer. Celebrations of the lighter days to com
  21. "“Preparation is half the journey.”, he said, his words causing the disdain of his younger companions. “Would you go into the middle of a battlefield unarmed and untrained?”, he asked them and none dared respond positively, “Nor should you go into the middle of the Road unprepared.”" Continuing the preparations for our journey, the Second session of Improvised story telling will be held on: Day 346 (Monday, 12 December), 9:30 pm Server Time inside the Defensive Quarters in Loreroot.
  22. Thank you, Ungod, and congratulations to the other winners.
  23. I would like to thank Sunfire, MaGoHi, Lintara and Ungod for attending the event, for the stories they shared despite the short notice for this first session and for all the fun we had. The stories of this first session can be found inside the Lore Manor, since that's where all tales are going to be posted instead of the forum. The original post has been updated as well to reflect this change and to provide the information needed to access the event's archives.
  24. "And they made a fire and sat close together around it to stay warm. And they began to weave tales among themselves, some of them based on real events from times long gone and others the product of their weavers' own wild imagination… Tale telling is an art, one that can raise the spirit high or cast it down into the depths of despair, and therefore one of immense power. And such was the power of their stories..." When fighting ceases and the day grows quiet, gathering around a fire to share stories can spark some activity during an otherwise tranquil time. Such is the purpose
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