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  1. Happy Birthday, Penny. Be well in your travels.

  2. My old friend. I miss her =(

  3. My secrets are mine to keep... ;)

  4. My very favorite person in the MD world. It is truly my pleasure to accompany him. I have learned and laughed every time we have come into contact. Thanks, Lucius!

  5. From your profile, I see I am not the only one enamored with the Moon! Hope to see you in game soon.

  6. Vaul: You've pointed out something that sadly is not obvious to all of us. Some roleplay is clearly over the line, some is worthy, and yes at times (lately especially) some questions do seem to go unanswered. I agree with you, saying so does not make you shoot lightning from your eyes. I personally think that stinks. If you have a spell use it, if you don't..then you don't dude. It is not 100% necessary to role play in chat. If you wish your character to be well known or "popular" it's a game you will have to play a bit. I have recieved many PMs that I found intriguing. In fact, Liberty and I have done a bit of roleplay just in that sense before ever having met in person. Many people use their papers as a way to introduce the more interesting aspects of their charactar, sadly, not all persons read those papers. Another fun option is the forum. A lot of players have used the Local Lengends area to enhance their stories, or even describe the roleplayed events in game. I recommend Wyken Vanarils interactive thread. It's a wonderful idea, and I hope more people play that way. I find roleplay in chat the most fun and "real"...simply because it is immeadiate response and reaction. I am not sure the Sanctuary is always the best place. A lot of good stuff gets lost when the chat moves too fast. It's often more fun to plot and plan in less busy spots, or happen across interesting bits on the way to elsewhere and react. To those who are really seeking ingame questions and answers, I have to say I have had the same issue the few times I've used the LHO button. I recommend sending mail directly to a player who seems knowledgable. Most are happy to answer. I try to answer questions in chat when I see them, but as I've mentioned the business of some places makes those questions easily lost. Another suggestion is to try the dojo. It is specifically designed to help new players learn the battle system, and acclimatize themselves to the game. The dojo is in Marble Dale Park (just inside the city gates, statue of a pretty lady), and there is always someone there keeping an eye out. Most players there will answer any questions that you might have. The best way to answer a question is to find a knowledgable player. There are so many people here willing and happy to take you under their wing. A personal relationship of some sort will help you a lot more than a random question in chat. Hope this helped!
  7. It is my belief that the totem and the similar objects in Necrovian and Golemus are some form of long distance communication device. It is a strange mechanism that contains many levers, gears, and pulleys and I must say, the actual mechanical workings of it are utterly unknown to me. It seems though that the giant screen that hangs above is intended to be covered in some form of written communication. The desk below also indicates that it is an area of study. Perhaps these are ways to share great scientific learnings through the lands? We at Wasp's totem have already found that it's open access to both sky and water make it an excellent place to study astronomy and biological sciences. Is it possible that those findings can be somehow transmitted through the great machine to it's partners in other places? Imagine the great learning that could be done with the ability to work with great minds so far apart.
  8. Your profile picture is so lovely =)

  9. It was ages ago and done by Mur teleport...so don't call it an American thing.
  10. I have mixed feelings on this one. I don't like the idea of an avatar going to the person with the most money. So far, first come first serve seems most fair. To tell the truth though, I've personally missed an avatar that was made specifically for my avatar. I hate that someone else is wearing it. I hate that I can't have it, but then again if the price was $20 I would never have had the chance to aquire it in anycase. While I really REALLY want my beautiful Penny Moon avatar, I'm willing to wait, negotiate, plead, and sit up random weird hours in the hope it's abandoned. What I really can't afford to do is spend money. First come, First served has disadvantages, but at least it's fair. One idea that might help level the playing field (time zones make me crazy too): Rather than an announcement that says "11 avatars were released"....why not announce the release of avatars a day in advance? Then those who have interest can be waiting when they arrive. Even those that don't get the new avatars will have choices on the abandoned avatars of other players.
  11. I think it would be nice if as stated above the command did not show in chat.
  12. I don't think they should be the same. School of Warfare School of Learning I consider the dojo in a way to be a tutorial, and more basic place. It is swamped with newbs constantly. It is difficult to discuss higher level ideas with the constant "Now what do I do", "How do I heal my creatures?", "Where do clothes come from?" When I think of a school of learning, I want to be away from that. I want to be taught something that I do not know. If it is a university, a place of higher learning...let it have some prerequisite. Players who go there should already have some basic knowledge of how the game is played. I do not particularly want to attend a university with kindergartners running around in the background. I do not think the dojo and university should be the same. They have separate purposes.
  13. I have noticed one of the hardest things (for me as well) for people to get right is body porportions. Also, I cannot ever get my pictures to seem to have movement. I would like a person doing something. It dosn't have to be much more specific than that.
  14. Movie? Movie? Gahhh! Surely Dune has a better format to be referenced. In anycase, chaos is hardly a new thing to this place. Peace would be far more innovative, though half as likely. What is coming was begun long ago. It continues, it grows stronger, but is is underway for some time now. I would hope that rather than keeping our eyes to old threats, we open our minds to the possibility of new and more dangerous players in this age old game. Let me say once more that the forces that arise again are not the only forces to be reckoned with. Many new growths are apparent. Many new bonds and purposes have been forged in recent days. We must be watchful not only for the resurrection of the old, but for the birth of newer and more devious purposes. I hope that instead of watching old forces wreak havoc on this world, a few of us will make ourselves the force to change this place. Instead of sitting and watching what unfolds, let us engage and shape our own future. I feel this quote might be better in preparation for the coming days. From the BOOK dune: "I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain."
  15. Don't be deceived; little in MD is what it seems, and that is especially true of this naturally gifted writer and roleplayer.

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