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  1. Happy Birthday, Penny. Be well in your travels.

  2. My old friend. I miss her =(

  3. My secrets are mine to keep... ;)

  4. My very favorite person in the MD world. It is truly my pleasure to accompany him. I have learned and laughed every time we have come into contact. Thanks, Lucius!

  5. From your profile, I see I am not the only one enamored with the Moon! Hope to see you in game soon.

  6. Your profile picture is so lovely =)

  7. Don't be deceived; little in MD is what it seems, and that is especially true of this naturally gifted writer and roleplayer.

  8. A CHOICE OF GENDER I would like to have a girl body....particularly when I wake up naked. I was most disturbed last time I woke from my scroll to find myself not only missing familiar bits...but having acquired some while I slept. Clearly the figure shown is not anatomically correct, and therefore unoffensive to most, I wonder if a female silouhette could be given for another option. Also....there is great confusion in MD in general over who is he/she/it or what. It is not always clear by a name, especially when people go out of their way to chose new and original names. Those not pre
  9. When someone says "I am bored" and you reply, "No, I am bored isn't here right now."
  10. I like it. It a page like the statement of battle philosophy, that at my present rate, I will never get. It's nice to think that one can be recognized for things outside of battle. It's also very interesting to wonder what the player phsych file will look like. I'm for it. It's always nice to have a new goal.
  11. It would be really nice to see some of the new RPCs and buffed players introduced now. Afterall, this being festival time, isn't that news?
  12. omg, I did not realize that I had been flagged. My apologies to you, Chewett, and thank you for letting it remain. its all in good humor. thats why it remained. but please remember to keep such sentences under spoiler tags - chewett
  13. Wrapped in black for so many reasons this is in black for good reasons and you know it, beware adult content - chewett
  14. I think their should be an ignore option in basic mail
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