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  1. Well, in most of the games spell is also consider as a skill as well.
  2. Is you..so you have completed every map in King's Duel already?
  3. Jaryd is retired, maybe he is playing another game since he got times, but Mortuis is a family man and with a day job.
  4. So you trying to tell us that the creatures that we recruited in the game is like a skill we learned?
  5. He mentioned in one of his post that now he only login once per day to collect the gains and to refill his generals. Guess he is less active then before.
  6. I will not hold that position too long cause Jaryd is only 1 map away from me and he still got at least 2-3 maps to go.
  7. 5 credits is all u need to purchase 10000 resources and 5000 population, u can use them to build structures and start growing, beside when u rejoin the defeated map u still will get the basic resources and population to begin with. So i can't see any reasons u can't restart a map unless u already lose interest.
  8. If you got credits that is not in use, then go to powersup section to buy some resources and revive your generals.
  9. Yah maybe u need to apply a copyright certificate for all your maps
  10. Yeah maybe u the unofficial record holder to maxed up a general in the shortest time. But, even i am 4 rank above u, but there is a BIG gap between us
  11. I have already introduce myself to 2 of my old friends from King's Duel, but i guess it is better for me to introduce myself to this community officially since I'm pretty free right now. My nick sound girlish but actually i am a guy, i using my girlfriend's favorite nick because i think her nick matches the game very much compare to my regular nick. I am a veteran player came from King's Duel just like Viceraz but of cause with a higher ranking than him (temporary). The reason I'm here partly because i have completed all maps in King's Duel and got nothing much to do there, but the main
  12. Yah, i'm aware of that, me too got 1 maps that was pull out by Manu and deleted because of the entire map got no enemy land. if now i should have 30 points by now. Ask Manu to add your new map for me to play..
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