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  1. I am back , also i sa something else cause i already said hello and goodbye twice soooo...
  2. now those are a hell of a pair of eyes , makes my spine shiver ( but in a good way Xp,i hope that didn't sound 2 creepy lol)
  3. Happy birthday, Al! =D

  4. i wonder if i should say something , nah, il just watch for now, its more fun that way. Also to those that think of my children as more than just tools of war i salute you.
  5. Aleron Weapons Specialist I seek to learn everything I can about the weapons of MD. Because of the nature of this world this items are very special, even the most common or tarnished blade may hide secrets or powers greater than one can imagine. So I make it one of my goals to research said items and make a registry of these weapons for future generations to read and if the moment arises when this weapons may disturb the flow and balance of the world I will hide and if need be destroy them.Another of my roles is to researcher and better understand The 4 Land Defense Weapons, Who built them?,
  6. Glor your post #148, the big guy with the sword rocks.
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