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  1. Just Letting you Know Calyx ill be stuck in story mode for a few days i just got to mp4 so I cant patrol dojo for a while and any definite word on when the staff will be awarded titles:)
  2. good news is that berserkers puzzle seems to be debugged seeing as how i just passed it..=]
  3. lol gotta love a supportive community
  4. i think he was a funny comedian check him out and this "joke" refers to his opinion on the way the world is going...my opinion..i dont really care i just want to see the apocalypse
  5. as long as you can always go back to being balanced i dont think it matters if you strategize right youll be fine i dont like being neutral tho its boring darkness and light choose a side
  6. super late response but happy birthday<8)-;<
  7. greetings Llithious - insert what everybody else said here-
  8. same for spanish ... work well as a translator
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