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    Logan Marquis got a reaction from Nava in The Inner Sun - Bootes Quest Part Tres   
    [attachment=583:The_Key_...Enigmite.jpg]Bootes travels the path before him as quickly as he can. He keeps his head down, but his eyes forward. The wind is harsh and whips up clouds of dust and dirt to
    sting his face. Bootes pauses for a moment to look around Necrovion, a place which lacks the spark of life, a place that is bleak and desolate. He wonders aloud, "Did this place Ever have Life...?" and then continues on.

    To distract himself from his surroundings, Bootes thinks on the documents he has discovered and wonders how many more are left to find. His mind works over the
    connections he has made, what they mean. Suddenly he stops, hearing a terrifying scream nearby. He imagines someone whose very soul is being torn apart and
    doubles his pace, "The Sooner I get This Done..." he thinks to himself.

    Bootes is thankful that the journey to the House of Tainted Times is short. Broken and decaying, the House looms in the distance, surrounded by desiccated trees and barren rocks. The wind dies down as Bootes approaches the House and hesitates before entering the darkness inside.

    The interior of the House is dark and shadowy, much like the land in which it sits. Light filters through the broken windows and through a thick haze casting shafts of half-light which barely makes its way to the floor. The air is thick and reeks of something pungent and acrid. Bootes covers his nose and mouth at the bitter taste and smell while looking around the entranceway. He is uncomfortable with this House, this land, this place which is mostly silent and entirely dead.

    There are several doors here, all closed. Bootes opens a few of them and peers down the darkened hallways but cannot discern anything much further than the length of his arm. Bootes stands there a moment and laughs slightly before mumbling to himself, "No map This time?" He opens one door and is assaulted again
    by a pungent stench. Thinking that one way is as good as any other, Bootes heads down this hallway.

    His footsteps do not echo here, but seem to be absorbed by the wood, perhaps by the darkness. He has not travelled too far before he thinks he hears a voice. He
    stops, holds his breath, and strains to listen. He thinks there is something familiar about the voice but is not certain.

    He moves again, heading towards the way he thinks he heard the voice and comes upon a large chamber filled with shelves and books. He looks around the room and sees something glowing. When he gets closer, Bootes sees the remains of a fire, the embers still glowing. Bootes is unsure about what he heard and decides
    against calling out. He does, however, take the opportunity to look around the chamber.

    At first, nothing seems especially interesting and Bootes walks past the fire again. As he does, he looks up at a book shelf that has been cleared of books, probably to fuel the fire. Bootes looks over the bookshelf again, thinking that it somehow seems out of place. While searching, he and notices some writing on the wall behind the bookshelf. He pushes the bookshelf aside and looks the wall over.

    The wall has something written over the top of it with indentations, seemingly at random, taking up a large section at the bottom. On the left side are several + shaped slots. Bootes ponders for a moment and then recalls the object he found back in the Sage's Keep. He fishes the object out of his pack and says, "I guess it
    Is a Key."

    Now is your chance to help Bootes solve this puzzle!


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    Logan Marquis got a reaction from Nava in The Inner Sun - Bootes Puzzle Box   
    The candle in Bootes' hand flickers occasionally as he walks down the hallways of Sage's Keep. His footsteps echo far into the consuming silence of the keep, the
    only other sound he hears besides his breathing and the pounding of his heart. The map shows him many corridors and rooms, which seem to go on forever, just
    like the endless shelves of books. "This Place looks Smaller from the Outside..."

    Bootes searches each room, each shelf, hoping to find something, any clue as to where the document he seeks might be. Each hallway looks similar to the last.
    Every room looks like every other. As Bootes explores further, he finds nothing, while the silence and lack of progress start to erode his confidence. At one point,
    he even starts to think that someone has played a cruel joke on him, that he has been placed into an illusion from which he cannot find escape.

    Before he finally snaps, Bootes sits down at a desk to concentrate and center himself. He looks at the faded map again and sighs deeply. "Everything Looks the
    Same here! How am I supposed to Find...?" he trails off for a moment, his gaze drawn to a point on the map. Though he is unsure, he thinks he sees something on
    the map that looks like a faint glowing. Bootes brings the candle over for a closer look. He sees a faint mark that somehow seems familiar, even though he cannot
    make it out fully. With a renewed determination, Bootes begins to make his way towards the study the mark seems to indicate.

    He makes his way through the hallways of the Keep. His echoing steps blur into one sound, his pace increasing with each stride. He smiles wide as he reaches
    the room which has now become clearly indicated on the map, marked with the symbol of the Inner Sun.

    The astro-researcher begins his search of the vast room, rummaging through the countless shelves and books that have been stacked here for untold ages. Eventually, in the corner of the huge study, he finds a desk tucked away into a forgotten corner. He finds scrolls and a wooden box, all of which bear the mark of the Inner Sun.

    Bootes is elated to finally find something, but he is drawn mostly to the box. When he picks it up, it rattles softly. "Hmm? What is This?"


    Do you think you have what it takes to master the puzzle? Click the link and try it for yourself!

    Post what you find when you complete it and help Bootes figure out the next step!
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    Logan Marquis got a reaction from Ackshan Bemunah in Distribution of Inner Magic Docs   
    Well, I can tell you that the documents and what they grant are not what they seem. They aren't like outer spells that are more tricks, they are much more......just much more.
    These are truly what was meant when it was said early on that in MagicDuel everyone can influence the game world. Truly...TRULY...this is now more possible then ever.
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