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  1. *pokes logan*

    whats up =)

    any new tales to tell

    see ya around

    ^ ^

  2. The latest delay is actually due to working out some new things that will utilize the Forums AND the AL together. You'll see what I mean very soon, as it will be revealed later tonight(tonight referring to Central Standard Time - US - GMT -6). But yes, the AL will be moving in an odd ebb and flow over the next week or two. But it WILL move.
  3. *shakes head sadly* You've officially killed any hope I had in you, Ren.
  4. Lol...priceless: Lady Amethyst came up with this and doesn't even know it. You know you've been on MD too much when... You start to see MD scenes, objects, players, etc, in the clouds in the sky.
  5. Just to throw myself out there, even though I know Ren is having Manu look into the overarching issue. :-) You can use me as a guinea pig if need be. I tend to be good a test subject... Ren that issue we checked on yesterday...well...I have 4 friends and now nobody gets added to the list....
  6. Perhaps there may be a usable solution... Perhaps a slightly expanded version of the AL here on the forums where much more length can be added? I will discuss the idea with Renavoid...as I have another thought to make that method even more plausible.
  7. I will respond with only this... The biggest problem with the AL is it's limited amount of space with which to put a given post. When one has to summarize a very large amount of things while still trying to hold true to the character, it would lose a LOT of quality substance. So I ask you this instead... Substance or Character?
  8. A thoughtful player, a cunning warrior, and a good friend.

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