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  1. The quest is not dead, as Udgard said. It will be carried on. Give us time to sort through the information(there's a lot) and it'll be picked up and started sometime soon. Keep checking back!
  2. It's a good chance the heads contest won't even matter in a few months...so ya know what? let it go. I hate to say it, but...bug abusers need to be held accountable, and they will be. Maybe not on our timeframe as we desire, but they WILL be held accountable. Be patient and deal with the interim effects. Eventually, the realm will balance itself in the right way...and many will wish they had thought twice about abusing the bugs they abused for personal gain.
  3. What else can I really add that hasn't already been said? It's been a great asset for myself, and I am well aware of others that have benefited. Any who think the Training Grounds are only setup for the MRs to take advantage of have yet to actually visit the Training Grounds when they are most busy. That place is a haven of training, and one that works well. Kudos and ditto!
  4. I know for a fact all the MP5's who placed this HC will not participate in the next one. And to Lifeline... No, complaining is bad. Coming up with solutions is good. But sitting there and crying over what's happened won't ever make anything better. Besides, it gives air to people who want a reason to complain. And you are wrong Lifeline. That is ALL I will say further. And growing up means to stop complaining about EVERYTHING and start finding ways of making things better.
  5. IBC(In Before Closed) Simply...stop your whining... There are things that nobody but a select few know about, and you, Lifeline, and many others, are not any of them... I know a small amount of it, but even that small amount is incredibly insignificant compared to the whole. So shutup. Quit your whining. Grow up. Life is unfair. Heads is unfair. Manu made his choice. Live with it.
  6. I will add only this... Just as Mur wishes to have his name on his work(he's specifically placed it into the code in a couple of spots, as most programmer's do), so too should the artisans be allowed the same. That is all...
  7. The title says it all, really. Simply explained, I've downloaded a program called TVersity which will allow me to stream my movies and music to my Xbox and other PCs on my network. It has a built-in feature for reading from Media RSS Feeds. However, the feature has one big downfall and that is that it requires the content to be in the media:content tag in the RSS Feed to find the content at all. Here's my quandry. I am under the opinion that it might be possible to create a dynamic feed that pulls in from a source RSS feed and manipulates specific feed tags and then spits it all out as t
  8. I think Mur may have it set up this way intentionally to prevent requests for specific artists...or what-nots...
  9. It's Mur's way to tell all of you students to get off MD and study for your darn finals! Nyah!!! Unfortunately the site/server is indeed down. I am sure we will see the problem resolved within 24 hours...or the end of the world...whichever comes first.
  10. *pokes logan*

    whats up =)

    any new tales to tell

    see ya around

    ^ ^

  11. Best RPC: Bootes Least convincing alt: Raven72 Best PWR: Tarquinus Best Backstory: Granos Best Personal Papers: Dragoonus Most Valued protector: Savelfuser Rookie of the year (Between 20 and 60 days): Kazya Outstanding MD Service award: Kragel Best techie (Award for technical services rendered): Envy of Endurance Most addicted award (Based on the ‘You know you’ve been playing MD too much when…): Renavoid Villain of the year: dst Most annoying Player: Sotesf Roleplay award: Khalazdad
  12. Stay tuned to the AL to see if Bootes manages to "unlock" the secrets within!
  13. Not to mention HOW you ask...
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