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  1. I could sit here and post how you continue to berate another over their views and opinions, but why? I would merely be playing into your hand. Instead, I will simply say this... Take a long hard look Mur, the Coder and Creator of the site, at what has happened with the site (I dare not use the term game any longer as for MANY it is no longer a game). You, not myself nor Amoran nor ANY OTHER PEOPLE, have players, RPCs especially, who are leaving. You, as Creator and the Almighty Muratas, can choose to look at that in many ways, but I sincerely hope you view that, as you so wonderfully put it, as a reflection upon yourself. It is YOUR site. Not mine. Not Amoran's. Not anyone else's. So you can pander around the issues all day, and continue to watch your players drop like flies, or YOU can choose to address their concerns and maybe, just maybe, salvage what remains of a site that has the potential to be something quite astonishing. The choice isn't the players. They can't resolve the issues that have been brought up time and time again. You can though. And Mur, the Coder and Creator of the site, I'm not hiding. I'm here, out in the open. May those who wish to find truth, find it. EDIT: Reason for edit -- I changed the real name of the Creator Muratas to his character name in MD. I had not read the other thread regarding that, so I decided I'd do it to clear up any confusion. My apologies in advance. It was obviously not meant wrongly, I just didn't know about the other thread, etc.
  2. I hadn't intended to participate as a slave, but upon reconsideration the Fire Fairy is up for auction to the highest bidder. Logan Marquis -- Embers of Fate RPC spells include toadspeak, boostbriskness, and a couple of others I will leave quiet for now. I will offer up my services as a writer, a roleplayer, a thinker, a RPC, and a friend. I will offer Logan to do anything as long as it is discussed first and appropriate for his character, which doesn't limit much really. So if you've ever had fantasies of owning flames or a fairy for a day, now is the time! Minimum amount is 2 coins per day. If Logan gains the most silver coins, half of the coins he receives as payment will go wherever the buyer wishes. Also...if Logan gains the most silver coins the second bidder will get the opportunity to also purchase his services for the rate at which they last bid or pass and Logan will be put up for a second time. All proceeds of that will go directly to Kragel and Kriskah(split between the two 50/50). If Logan is not the one who gains the most silver coins, half of the coins he receives as payment will go to Loreroot.
  3. So um...when and where do we bid? And can items be used as well? Obviously that would be tricky because it's a matter of determining things such as "FMV" or Fair Market Value.
  4. The quest is not dead, as Udgard said. It will be carried on. Give us time to sort through the information(there's a lot) and it'll be picked up and started sometime soon. Keep checking back!
  5. In times of war, leaders must sometimes make decisions that are considered sacrifices. Is the better leader the one who surrenders his people so that his leadership may thrive, or is it the one who sacrifices his leadership position for the good of his people? We must consider that in times of war, decisions are not light, nor easy. No choice is clear, and no action without consequence. Perhaps this is the lesson to be learned here.
  6. I speak not for all of Loreroot or the High Council of the Guardians, however, I speak on my behalf and mine only. I support Grido. Many in Loreroot will challenge this decision, and if they do, they should meet with me to learn my reasons. Loreroot, we should not be so quick to jump to conclusions about Grido or others. I know it's easy to jump to rash conclusions, but he has proven he's not out to destroy the alliance. If you ask me, he is trying to truly rebuild it. Perhaps we might take a moment to think and consider him to actually be attempting to unite something we ourselves could not... There are bigger concerns that are coming to light. Concerns which mine eyes cannot perceive fully even in this current state.
  7. To No One -> To truly read his post is to truly understand, I think, the underlying concept of the game. The idea is not to create the stability or balance of the game, but to instead let the realm stabilize itself and balance itself via the natural balance and order of things. In other words...perhaps some things are left vulnerable to see who will abuse them, who will search for ways to protect them. Should there not be a counter-balance of those who actually find ways to protect against these bugs? And consider, if you will, that he is looking and feeding off these reactions to the bugs. In response to Mur's post -> Everything is an ebb and flow, and I've seen that far more lately within MD than ever before. Each new idea is brought about to advance the game, but to also open up more opportunity to Mur to watch the masses and see reactions and as he called them "feelings and emotions"...sensations. MD is indeed an experiment, one that I am not sure can ever be called a failure, especially with where it has come to. And with that knowledge in hand I applaud Mur for being drunk, I mean, honest, about the direction of the game and some of why it's headed there. And perhaps I'm a programmer, perhaps I am just the type of person who is interested in this thing, but I read it all the way through and actually understood about 99.9% of what was said. Ironically, to read the post is one thing, but to read the feelings, sensations, and emotions behind it, an entirely different one. I agree with Awiiya, Mur, keep on trucking. Press on and don't give up. Even if you don't see it, you're changing lives for the better. Making smart people. Lol.
  8. No, it's really REALLY not. Though, there are antivirus programs for Mac, but that's kinda like buying an extended warranty on an old school hummer.
  9. I second the announcement recommendation. I don't EVER go to that main page because I have my username and password saved on this computer to log me in automagically. So in other words, I don't EVER see the announcements. Or at least make a subforum called announcements and copy->paste into there :-p
  10. Everyone got it. It's not the captcha. The account was registered properly. Just be glad we don't get more of these types of attacks. They tend to be hit heavily with spambots and spammers, and that one appears to have been an actual spammer. The only real way to protect against them is to keep an active community that communicates with the forum admin(Chewett) when they happen. As he said, forward the PM to him and tell him what it's about. Also, keep in mind, if you talk to others before sending it and others say that have received it also check if they sent Chewett a PM. I garuntee he had at LEAST 20 PMs regarding this one attack when he logged in. But yeah, stay active. It keeps the spammers at bay. EDIT: Also, if you clicked on the link, please run some sort of virus/spyware check on your machine ASAP. I recommend at the VERY least downloading Avast AntiVirus(do a google search...you can't go wrong) and Lavasoft Ad-Aware. Both have free versions that you can use and that work wonderfully. Keep yourself protected. Keep all of us protected.
  11. It's a good chance the heads contest won't even matter in a few months...so ya know what? let it go. I hate to say it, but...bug abusers need to be held accountable, and they will be. Maybe not on our timeframe as we desire, but they WILL be held accountable. Be patient and deal with the interim effects. Eventually, the realm will balance itself in the right way...and many will wish they had thought twice about abusing the bugs they abused for personal gain.
  12. To clarify...Bug-Me-Not is a site where users can input temporary usernames and passwords(such as guest:guest) for people to check out various sites without submitting private information. It's a great tool, but I've found a number of false logins and passwords that resulted in serious issues from people playing politics with it. So yeah...there you go...
  13. I'm with Shadow on this one. He is NOT that dumb. Enough said...
  14. What else can I really add that hasn't already been said? It's been a great asset for myself, and I am well aware of others that have benefited. Any who think the Training Grounds are only setup for the MRs to take advantage of have yet to actually visit the Training Grounds when they are most busy. That place is a haven of training, and one that works well. Kudos and ditto!
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