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  1. Uh, I've tried other PCs and nothing has changed in the visualization. It seems to be a problem of my screen, resoution or true display. Actually trying to solve it myself.
  2. It's only me, or the resolution of the game has changed? I post this under "bugs", cause the game is unplayable to me. I can't see the numbers of mindpower, ve, ap, vp, ep and adepts, and some of the writings are unreadable. Moreover, the general look of the page is ugly. Is it possible to return to the older visualization, or at least to have both and to let the user choose which to use?
  3. Could you suggest some sites? Moreover, how could I use Italic, Bold, change colours, set a wallpaper (like necrovion alliance, for example), ...? I mean, what kind of coding do the papers use?
  4. I think he is something like the aliens of "Mars Attacks". He needs that much brain to do allthis great job.
  5. Just to know, how should we report violations to the staff? Via PM or via forum post? I have a long list :-)
  6. Crymage


    I went forward in time two years only to see the result. B will win. I've come back, so i'll vote B.
  7. Agree with Paradigma. Before asking for new principles it's better to fully develop the existing, both in meaning and in game interaction. Not all the roles you could think of have to be principle-related. Look at the RPC list: only a few of them have a strong bond with some principle. The best (in my likings, not in absolute) role is one that blends principles to create something new.
  8. Name: Crymage Title: "Clock master" or "Clock owner" Role: Pursuing the creation of the eternal zodiac clock and the meaning of "Time". I seek information over time and other principles through a deep exploration of all lands and talk with other players, I share my knowledge only with the worth. Look my profile notes for more informations Of course, I have time-related principles (Time, Entropy, Syntropy), and also clock-related riddles.
  9. I don't think the main part is completed, looking to both quality and quantity. At the moment I'm playing in english even if I'm italian. And I've asked almost everyone with important positions to do something about this, but I haven't received useful answers (other than Manweor itself and Chewett). The italian translation stopped almost four weeks ago,at lest for the pages I can see.
  10. I'm curious, what was the original prize for solving this puzzle?
  11. I think this is a "bug/glitch" segnalation instead of a suggestion. When you reset your account, the timer "Time until next choice" of the story should be reset to 0, i think, instead of going on like your last choice was.
  12. I can translate to italian too. I'm an electronic engineering student, so my translating abilities are good (reading a technic book in another language is a lot difficult). I can work on this translation about 1 hour per day.
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