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  1. I like the idea, since I don't really do many quests, the age this would allow me to at least get a few wishpoints I think it should be limited to the highest aged account per ip though, since with my current alts I could get alot of wp's and I'm sure there are others who could do the same
  2. Nice @ MRI, though you should have taken off the armor first
  3. [quote name='dst' date='07 July 2009 - 10:03 PM' timestamp='1247000611' post='36495'] My new and improved record: Venger's Pimped Grasan does haoticdamage to multirandom creature(s) of xxxx and: - hits haoticaly and does 25630509 damage to The Keepers Jester creature DIES! - hits haoticaly and does 36538232 damage to Destructive Keeper creature DIES! Ok, I admit...it's what I call a test account but still [/quote] Lol, I wished I read this before attacking venger
  4. regeneration +17.129 energeticimmun +21.514 tradesense +10.272 briskness +8.786 initiative +4.158 defence +12.797 attack +33.828 power +3.511 luck +4.108 My best so far (2.5 hours of training) = 116.103 also got around 150 wins
  5. This will be interesting
  6. did your stats go up alot, someone might have hacked your account and sac'ed everything
  7. I'm pretty sure that you are allowed to attack idle players in the dojo (i do it all the time) However I never attack anyone who is not idle without consent
  8. Interesting poster, I may join this, but probally on my secondary account (does it matter?)
  9. I'm Juntaozhu15 from Florida I've been lurking in these forums since I started the game (a very unique game) I've just moved up to mp4, and finally figured out how to fight the loreroot gaurds on my second account (nowhere near strong enough to win though Hoping to meet new people and find new ideas
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