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  1. reindrach and rusty 3 sold, rest still for sale
  2. raising my bid to 1 gold for 2
  3. Bump, still looking for bids, got a few interesting ones so far
  4. 8 silver for two if you can break a gold
  5. I would like to sell/trade my extra rustys and reindrach here are the relavent stats Rusty 1 id 585212 4.4 mill heat 667 age claw 1, claw 2, stardust, antifreeze, goldbelt, darksheild Rusty 2 id 424208 7.7 mill heat 893 age claw 1, claw 2, kelletha fire, emeral glare, antifreeze, oynx fangs, dark shield, dark sky, gold belt, purpurmoon Rusty 3 id 605166 2.9 mill heat 616 age claw 1, claw 2, claw 3, starsut, antifreeze, darksheild, fire drop Reindrach id 605141 2 mill heat 616 age dark sheild, oynx fangs, jewel shards I am not interested in silver/gold, I am looking f
  6. I may be interested in this, pm me a timeframe and some more information, I'll see if I can make it, mp4 (weaker then my mp5 I can pm some details if you wish) and mp5 available as needed (though no payment is needed, just in it for the fun )
  7. being a full drachorn user myself, I know of very few ppl that can survive my first attack with a ritual that still has enough power to fight back, sure you can boost 1 angien and have it survive my 250k ish first hit, then you kill 1 drachy (assuming you're not frozen by my 5 rusties) but by killing that drachy you also kill yourself (or even 4 drachs with multitarget) thus you would need more then 1 creature and so far I know of maybe 5 people that can put more then 250k vita on 3-4 creatures (though I haven't trained/talked with some of the grinders for over 2 years, so ppl's vitas might
  8. I have grasans with claw 2 (or pimped, not sure) for free for you since I have no need of them, I'll have to check for age and other tokens though, pm me (not sure how many I have atm, but at least one, and as many as 5 or 6)
  9. i tried talking to you twice but you were afk both times pm me if there is a specific time (in-game) you will be onlin each day and I will try to get online then within 2-3 days
  10. n00b is mp4, but he defiantly does it as well
  11. This will last until new years day, so if anyone still wants one I have a few more to give Note that simply pm'ing me asking for one without anything interesting attached to the message will not get you a ctc
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