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  1. Hello, Vixion! welcomehavefunasksomequestionsman Hahahahaheheh...
  2. Oh, um brasileiro! Erm... I can speak in portuguese?
  3. @Sacosphilz Thanks, Sacosphilz! I'll, if I need. @Grido Hahahahahah... I hope, too. It's a wonderful game, which I had never seen an equal. I'll try not to worry, but I have fear of expressing me of erroneous way and the members of the forum understand that I didn't want to say. @Glaistig Jajajajaj... Gracias, amigo! :lol: @Lulu Thanks! @meiche Hooo-hoow... Thank you very much! Lovely? Thanks! (I hope has not been ironic @All Thank you for they welcome me in that way. You're very gentile.
  4. Hail, my amigos... I don't have many words to say because my english is bad, I think. I'm glad for discovering that game - it's one of the best browsergames than I played -. Now, I just play MagicDuel and other browsergame. I hope to bring my friends for this game! But, my main objective is to know if somebody is brazilian. Anybody? Nomaste, hugs for all. :lol: P.S.: Forgive me for my english mistakes.
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