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  1. You meet a girl in a bar, and when she asks your name you reply Dragoonus...
  2. You know you've been on MD too much when... - after completing a job or task at work you ask your line manager for a wishpoint. - you ask your girlfriend (or boyfriend) how to go about receiving her (or his) inner documents. - you stand in the centre of a busy street or building, making people walk around you, and when asked you explain you have to wait another 9 minutes to regain action points. - when going on holiday, you have to limit your sightseeing due to lack of exploration points. - you give 12% less money to the storekeep for your goods because of your tradesense skill. - you be
  3. Well, I've been playing a little under a month now, and figured I'd give a formal greeting of sorts to the community. I feel I am a polite player, I enjoy the occasional RP but have met a relatively small amount of people at the moment. I will gladly help anyone, in any way I can, but I'd rather it not interrupt any RP I may be partaking in, and would prefer such questions to be private. Of course if I'm not currently RPing, I'll gladly answer in open chat. I currently have no adepts, other then my other account and I have yet to start actively advertising for any, but I shall in due cause. T
  4. Unfortunately, due to the knowledge needed to wield this sort of magic, one would need to take up a lot of research into identities and gaining them may not be easy, and indeed even exhausting. Although, amongst my enemies a common identity may be apparent, each will still have their own unique identity, a person is made up of many parts, and each part has a unique identity, albeit similar to the previous. To that end, the greatest way to fully hinder an opponent would be to gather his unique identity, either by way of gathering body hair, blood or items they once used. Now, I'm sure even w
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