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  1. I am not in to all these social network places like face book etc. How ever I was under pressure and have a facebook account - I log on perhaps once a week, I appreciate that a lot of others use these sites alot. There is an addin in face book (i know there are many ) but the one I am on about is called petrol heads, were you get a car and race against other ppl. you could do something similar, and basic but use "adepts" instead, it will not only enable people that use these social networking sites to see what we do - it will be free advertising as we are bound to invite all our frei
  2. Hi there, from the south west of England, been playing the game for a while, ex wow addict looking for a free game tried a few, but am enjoying this one, have just made it to the second story part, mid power has just gone up to 4. thought I'd log in and say hi, I see there are player from all over the world, I am looking forward to advancing and kickin your butts! lol - only kiddin, looking forward to meeting you all and enjoying a potentially great game, is definitley fun so far.
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