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  1. I dislike the alliance "advantage", but I understand and like the contest. I had fun messing with Dragoonus and Envy early in the game. Overall a good contest.
  2. Thank you for an honest answer DST. Again I was just pointing out what I thought was a flaw. Apparently it was meant that way. I am cool with that. No problems. I just got "mauled" by an alliance member last night and couldn't do anything about it. We had a good laugh about it. I would accumulate them and he would steal them. Again we chatted and laughed. I explain myself, because I get the feeling people think I'm a whiny brat. Those that know me in game know differently.
  3. Maybe there is a topic, didn't see it I wasn't trying to whine, just stating an opinion. It is a huge advantage. Takes a little of the fun out of it if all you can do is run, and not fight back or take 1 shot at them while they get 9 to 10 back at you before your next shot
  4. Any thought to taking away the alliances advantage of 1 attack per hour during the heads contest? Seems unfair I can only attack them once an hour, yet they can hunt me down and attack at will. Loosing heads without the same opportunity to get them back sucks
  5. Here is my story. My Tag: The Apprentice Ronin, Daemon, or something else entirely. A ronin was a samurai with no lord or master. A samurai became masterless from the ruin or fall of his master (as in the case of death in a war), or after the loss of his master's favor or privilege. Some say a ronin is also a daemon. I don't know what I am, except for the fact my master has died, because I refused to help him after I deemed him unworthy of my talents. I do not expect any to understand my decision. I could no longer grow under his tutelage, and it was time to move on. I could have helped him stop the marauders, but then I had no use for him anymore. I chose to move on. I wandered these lands in search of one worthy enough to become my new master. I searched tirelessly, laying waste to many that thought they could guide my thirst. Dark or Light means nothing to me. I simply look to grow in knowledge and power. I have recently found a new master in SmartAlekRJ the master of the Drachorns. Only time will tell if he has the power to control my thirst, or will he suffer the fate of my last master....
  6. Or if you automatically get heads make it below the value to be able to get attacked in the sanctuary. Its very annoying when you are weak and are trying to level up creatures to log on and get blitzed immediately and then have to wait several hours to heal, only to get blasted again when you log on the next time. Big turn off. Makes it hard to play.
  7. I wasn't even paying attention to the heads deal. Sorry for the post then and thanks for clearing that up
  8. I have been attacked several times in a sanctuary. How is this possible? Most recent I left game in Wind's Sanctuary, came back after a couple of hours and logged in. I checked my monsters, then bang I was attacked by Azanulbizar. Very annoying when your trying to heal.
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