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  1. hi, i am trying your quest, im at loreroot hidden exit but there's no clickies here
  2. i use burst so i could hide the fact that i was the attacker :)
  3. i need 4 imperial aramors. age and tokens not necessary i will trada sharptear for an imperial aramor Thank you
  4. Head contest and Torch contest :))
  5. 604736 - 2032 604878 - 2031 605315 - 2031 605334 - 2030 605394 - 2030 with 300k+ each I only have 1 forum account (using forum account for selling alt creatures), these birds are from my alt account, all proceeds if there are any will go to the alt that has the birds Thank you 2000+ detail = age
  6. Hi guys A while ago I saw an mp3 recruiting heretic archers, elementals and asking for advise whether what to sacrifice, also considering regeneration time for Value points regeneration I guess also for Vitality Energy (in terms of recruiting). It's just that even if MD had changed so much, I can still remember those days that really hooked me, that feeling of excitement when every day I count the age of my creatures so I could upgrade them and other stuffs that makes me think only of MD, make me not sleep and even dream about it, I hope same with you guys. When I saw that mp3 talking about which to sacrifice, which is a better creature, waiting for regeneration time, it really reminded me of the old days. Not just as an mp3, but also for mp4 and mp5. Damn I miss those days We noticed that population for mp3 and mp4's very low especially mp3. And I am afraid that that mp3 who's so interested might just leave (hopefully not) the game due to lack of people in the same mp level to socialize with. I have some ideas and I hope that people will help on developing this idea. Criticisms and advises are welcome (so we could see the flaws of the idea) but I wish them to constructive and with attached additional ideas on how to make the idea work with less flaw or better if it’s flawless. 1. Creating of temporary NPCs (5-6) that won’t disappear after the fight immediately ONLY FOR MP3s (not for mp4s and mp5s). The purpose of having more than 1 additional NPC is its level of difficulty. The NPCs will be composed of normal creatures accessible for mp3 in No man’s Land and Marind Bell only. This way mp3 won’t be spoiled on being able to get creatures way ahead of time (LR and Necro). The reason for not disappearing Immediately is that there are wins and losses requirement for mp3 to advance to mp4, maybe there’s a possibility that the system would auto-trigger the disappearance of the NPCs when an mp3 reaches a certain amount of wins and losses let’s say once they reach 60 wins and 60 losses so that they won’t also be lazy thinking that “oh there are npcs to farm with”. Plus once they reach the 60 losses without reaching 60 wins, they can’t farm losses on npcs anymore, if they fight the npc and they lose, it won’t increase their lost fight or maybe limit the # of fights they can make with the additional npcs, maybe 120 fights for all the new npcs. 2. Trading not allowed for MP3s except when they reach a certain amount of active days. Let’s say 365 days (this is in consideration that they are taking their time learning the game play as a whole in mp3). Reason for this is to not spoil the age requirements of creatures. And give them that spark or feeling of excitement of waiting for the right time. For items, maybe trade is possible but with restriction, let’s say higher mp level players won’t give mp3s spells that are overpowered (are there any?) maybe stones that allows you to go to other places (restricted for mp3s except if they won contest or something similar) – more on community’s discipline 3. Spells could be overpowered especially in mp3, even heal, just imagine without lifesteal in mp3, 100k heal is a lot. So maybe limit the heal to max ve of the mp3 if it’s targeted on an mp3 (2 and 3 maybe too much but I think this is necessary so that it won’t spoil the fun in learning in mp3). 4. No tokens for mp3s but for those who have creatures already tokened in mp3, maybe there’s a possibility that they won’t appear or they won’t affect fights as mp3 and will appear again once they go to mp4. 5. The 2% attack and defense boost in MD shop be inaccessible for mp3s only 6. Heads Contest be reinstated but rename it something like “Rookie fighter of the month or learning in fighting etc…” award could be the same, or add some tags for the winners, this will be good if only reinstated for mp3s maybe also with mp4 since game play in mp4 is different compared to mp3. Reason is that, can you still remember that day when 5-10 attack stat really matters and the base stat of creatures also has a big impact in the fight? Especially now there are mp3 restrictions in for upgrading creatures. It just makes it more exciting not knowing who can win, coz with the upgrading restriction there will be a lot of ritual variations. Strategy and dedication (activeness) will really matter. If you noticed I am more focused on mp3 development. Why? Because once this will be successful, slowly mp3 population will go up, none the less, they will go up to mp4 and mp5 J These are also based on my personal feeling when I first played MD, things that really made me stay and not just play the game, but learn from it. it’s a little battle focused idea, because that’s me, I really love battling (only in game), I am not excluding role playing, even if there will be changes and restrictions, new players are still allowed to talk to higher mp level players, in the process learning how to role play will still be there. We need ideas here, I am sure I missed a lot of things that could enhance the idea so please feel free to post what you think could help, that way if ever this will be considered and implemented. The negative effect on MD will be very minimal.
  7. Thank you secret santa for the red aramor :) Happy New Year
  8. Leixer


    Can i ask for help? Please teleport me to PC, i am stuck right now in a place where my total ap doesn't meet the requirement to get out. thank you Leixer
  9. since it's christmas, you can have it :) merry christmas and a happy new year :)
  10. http://storenow.net/my/?f=be40d1dd334a454d966fbdd0303d29f9 i wanted to change my avatar, and got the ATC of the demon avy. i chose the "replace current avatar(1 credit, current avatar goes to shop) My intention was for the horse "current avy" to go to shop and be replaced by the demon avy, but it turned out that the demon avy was the one released to the shop other players can see the gold avy i unintentionally released, but i can't. i can also see an error saying You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ') AND uid = '0' AND level = '2' AND activ = '1' LIMIT 2' at line 1You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ') AND uid = '0' AND level = '2' AND activ = '1' LIMIT 2' at line 1 I just wished my demon avy to be returned to me Leix
  11. These are math problems while using Spread sheet, for some this might be hard, some could be fair or easy, for me it's hard hehe. can any 1 help me on solving this?i have small knowledge in excel spreadsheet THANK YOU, not sure if this is the right place for this topic PROBLEMS: 1. A company that makes concrete sells it in three quality levels, type 1 the being lowest, and type 3 being the highest. After deducting all variable costs, the net revenue is $30 per Tonne for type 1, $40 for type 2, and $50 per type 3. There are three operations, each of which limits the amount of production: crushing, grinding, and mixing. In addition, each type of concrete must be inspected. The model has been formulated as: Let X1, X2, and X3 represent respectively the number of type 1, 2, and 3 made in Tonnes per hour. maximize 30X1 + 40X2 + 50X3 subject to Crushing 2X1 + 4X2 + 5X3 80 Grinding 6X1 + 8X2 + 12X3 210 Mixing 5X1 + 7X2 + 8X3 146 Inspection 3X1 + 4X2 + 5X3 50 non-negativity X1 ; X2 ; X3 0 (a) Solve using a spreadsheet Solver, and print the Answer and Sensitivity Reports. (b) State the solution in words, and indicate which constraints are binding. (c) By using the information from the Sensitivity Report (NOT by re-running the model each time), give the predicted change to the objective function value (and the reasoning behind your answer) for the following situations (taken one at a time). If the OFV cannot be predicted exactly, then give an answer such as “the OFV will increase by at least $100”. (i) The revenue per Tonne for type 1 concrete rises by $0.70. (ii) There are three fewer units of crushing. (iii) The revenue per Tonne for type 2 concrete increases by $8.00. (iv) The number of units of grinding decreases by 20. (v) The number of units of mixing increases by nine. (vi) The price per Tonnes of Type 1 cement falls by $3, and the price for Type 3 concrete rises by $15. (See the next page for the second problem.) 1 2. A company makes calculators at facilities in Shanghai (China), Bonn (Germany), and Cape Town (South Africa). These plants can make 1800, 900, and 2700 calculators per week beyond the demand in the “local” markets of Eastern Asia, Germany, and Africa respectively. All three plants can ship to markets elsewhere: Canada/USA, Latin America, Europe, and Western Asia. The demands per week in these three markets are for 1500, 600, 750, and 2300 calculators per week respectively. Calculators are shipped in boxes of 50. The shipping costs per box are as follows: From/To Canada/USA Latin America Europe Western Asia Shanghai 180 270 205 120 Bonn 230 250 80 190 Cape Town 200 210 185 220 (a) Formulate a model in Excel (there is no need to give the algebraic model) and solve it to determine how much should be shipped from the factories to the markets. State the solution in words. (b) Now suppose that calculators can be shipped from Cape Town to Bonn at a cost of $15 per box. For legal reasons, Shanghai cannot transship to Bonn. Formulate a model in Excel and solve it, and state the solution in words.
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