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  1. hi, i am trying your quest, im at loreroot hidden exit but there's no clickies here
  2. i use burst so i could hide the fact that i was the attacker :) 
  3. i need 4 imperial aramors. age and tokens not necessary   i will trada sharptear for an imperial aramor     Thank you
  4. Head contest and Torch contest :))
  5. 604736 - 2032 604878 - 2031 605315 - 2031 605334 - 2030 605394 - 2030   with 300k+ each   I only have 1 forum account (using forum account for selling alt creatures), these birds are from my alt account, all proceeds if there are any will go to the alt that has the birds   Thank you 2000+ detail = age
  6. Hi guys   A while ago I saw an mp3 recruiting heretic archers, elementals and asking for advise whether what to sacrifice, also considering regeneration time for Value points regeneration I guess also for Vitality Energy (in terms of recruiting).   It's just that even if MD had changed so much, I can still remember those days that really hooked me, that feeling of excitement when every day I count the age of my creatures so I could upgrade them and other stuffs that makes me think only of MD, make me not sleep and even dream about it, I hope same with you guys.   When I sa
  7. Thank you secret santa for the red aramor :) Happy New Year
  8. Leixer


    Can i ask for help? Please teleport me to PC, i am stuck right now in a place where my total ap doesn't meet the requirement to get out. thank you   Leixer
  9. since it's christmas, you can have it :) merry christmas and a happy new year :)
  10. http://storenow.net/my/?f=be40d1dd334a454d966fbdd0303d29f9   i wanted to change my avatar, and got the ATC of the demon avy. i chose the "replace current avatar(1 credit, current avatar goes to shop)   My intention was for the horse "current avy" to go to shop and be replaced by the demon avy, but it turned out that the demon avy was the one released to the shop   other players can see the gold avy i unintentionally released, but i can't. i can also see an error saying    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL serv
  11. These are math problems while using Spread sheet, for some this might be hard, some could be fair or easy, for me it's hard hehe. can any 1 help me on solving this?i have small knowledge in excel spreadsheet THANK YOU, not sure if this is the right place for this topic   PROBLEMS:   1. A company that makes concrete sells it in three quality levels, type 1 the being lowest, and type 3 being the highest. After deducting all variable costs, the net revenue is $30 per Tonne for type 1, $40 for type 2, and $50 per type 3. There are three operations, each of which limits the amount of p
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