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  1. Why is artisans guild topic closed? I didnt know where to put my new drawing so i decided to attach it here.... Hope its good.. Here it is.....
  2. hey alll, long time no see........ i am back again!!!!! I see some new people here... Nice drawings everyone. I didnt draw anything now but maybe in da future!!::D
  3. What else should i say except OMG for ur Completely Insane Horned Killer With A Mace Fighting An Imaginary Clown... Well these are all of my drawings in greyscale.. (Glor is it better???)
  4. Unfortunately i dont have photoshop so converting that to grayscale is not possible for me
  5. Well amorte ill like ur first two but but not ur skeleton dragons... and what do u think about my old guy???! P.S. thx for anatomy link...
  6. Is it possible to sell my equipment (armor and weapons) if it is how and if its not why i think it should be!!??? Also what is connection between my attack and defence and my creatures attack and defence....?
  7. Anyone wanna avatar???? pls describe it cuz i am runing out of ideas!!!!
  8. This is not completely done yet....pls tell what u dont like and what is missing except the tree shade..?
  9. Well i want to translate MD into Serbian language!!!
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