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  1. I could help with dutch translation. I have no skills with programming, but if you send me some texts I wouldn't mind translating. BTW, the translations would be typo, bad spelling due dislexia free!
  2. What purpose would this go to? You can feed different aspect of yourself. This is how I see it: with the right herbs, potions and stuff, harvested and carefully selected, one aspect is honed, where others are neglected. Say, you want to focus on aramor wariors. Rare and stronger creatures, however, suffer a setback, or receive no bonuses. Why not have an all white healer rite, that's so fast, it can not be destroyed. Powered by the right magical parafernalia and food, like mushrooms and stuff. With an extra dimention of 'food' this can become a possibility.
  3. a)Wild fights running against NPC's, with possibility of capturing! b)food for creatures c)'homes' for players and guilds, with hoards for treashure and stuff, which can be defended by players, and monsters left at apropriate gateways.
  4. Hi! I'd like to join your guild. The non combat oriented means more RPG and that's where I want to be. Uhm. I am a noob, so I wont be the most contributing member at first, but I really want to join! Rad
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