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  1. Thanks everyone . I'm a little late, but better late then never!
  2. I would like to formally announce the winners to my Final Quest. Not many people submitted a answer, but those of you who did made it very hard to choose who won and in what positions. First place was awarded all my creatures, over 80 in total. I will not say what creatures were there, ask the winner if he wishes to tell you thats fine but it is his decision. Second through 5th place each received a Wishpoint from me. Thank you to those who participated, i deeply enjoyed reading all of your submissions 1st - Blackwood Forest 2nd - Tarquinis 3rd - CrazyMike 4th - dst 5th - Prosvetitelj
  3. I would like to add that i support MRWanders decision. If the community all has seperate ideas on what the GGG should be then the community can be responsible for the area, rules, and leadership. I opened the MR's Training Grounds to help the community, with the understanding the community would want it as a whole. However some people decided to be "evil" or whatever and ruin it for everyone. I have no means of punishing the offenders. I CAN send them to the Tunnel of War, but every time i do they find someone with a GoE spell to get them right out. Then my punishment is a big joke to them. I spent a lot of my time, in game and in real life, developing the technique we used. The technique was invented to make my army strong to protect Golemus against any threats. Me opening the GGG to the public was not a easy thing to do. It is like... If the US decided to train the militaries of every country in the world. It would benefit every country but would make the US weak because then the enemy knows its training method. I gave a lot of my time to this and to see everyone arguing and bickering and trying to change it makes me sick. We used this method for many months and never had to change any aspect. Now everyone has their own ideas they want. Well now its your time to do as you wish. GGG belongs to the community. If you guys want to keep changing it it wont work. I spent 18 months perfecting the method and know all possibilities and only one works correctly. I wish you all luck and my heart hopes GGG works for the rest of MD's life.
  4. redneck there is a very simple solution. will end this once and for all. dont ever go back to GGG. you cant behave there and that is perfectly alright for you to do. but there are consequenses for your actions and words. this is the public notifacation that redneck is banned from GGG. Reason(s): He uses abusive language toward staff and players, he does not respect the rules or fellow players. redneck ill let you out, again, but if you are seen at GGG you will be put BACK in the tunnel. Just because you do not see ME in there or online does not mean i am not watching. Whatever you do outside of GGG is none of my business, but i will not tolerate your attitude or behaviour in the Training Grounds EDIT: So we are clear, as soon as you publically accept these terms in this forum topic you will be let out and not bothered again. If you fail to accept these terms the punishment will continue ps. i apologise to those of you who do not see me often, i am not gone just very busy with the holidays this year.
  5. I asked Mur for a signpost not too long ago and it is on his list of items to add in game. He is a busy man and will get to it when he can. That should solve a lot of problems
  6. If you can prduce a real screenshot of a elemental egg with more age, wins or exp then this you will get one gold piece [attachment=1265:OLD egg.png]
  7. MRD


    HAHAHAHA thats classic
  8. hey bro thought i would say this kisses and hugs i missed you sorry for being gone for a long time

  9. Well to be honest, it is Mur's game. Is it really my place to object? The only reason i would not like to see it there is i fear players would go there to get the achievements then kill everyone there and leave. If it does become a Achievements area, i would like to see how it works and if it does not work i would like to move the Training Grounds to a new location. I guess it depends on the public to decide if they can control themselves enough to make it function correctly. So my vote is yes i would like to see it have achievements in there
  10. Ok ill chime in because im one of the RPC's who gathers heads. And i hope those who have seen me chime in as well. I gather heads, like any normal player. I WILL NOT and HAVE not given ANY heads i gather to ANY player. A few times they were taken, with VERY smart rituals. In the past i used to just give them away but now that i am RPC i make people earn them and have told MANY players this exact thing. Yopu want them, take them and my def is never easy. With that said, last competition i stayed away from gathering and tried to have a quest. MANY players started my quest. After a few hours tho most were taken to GoE EVEN WITH NO HEADS. Ok so RJ says we should be doing other things, now, i watched for players sitting in remote areas and moved the ones needed to be moved, i held a quest, what else is there for me to do???? All the while i still managed to gather a few hundred heads just messing around. Now if i cant hold quests, and i cant gather heads, what do you propose that i "should" do? **not arguing with you RJ, just you made the only real point i saw.
  11. MRD

    Quest Rewards

    Actually dst i hate to remind you but i made a quest that was dst proof. you failed it. 3 times. not ALL quests you can seem to do. as far as this simply quest, no idea whats going on but i do know that you are on his papers as a DS enemy and have been there for a long time. you chose to do his quest, and thats fine. but did you honestly think he would reward you? come on your smarter then that. you did it KNOWING he wouldnt reward you and your just trying to stir the pot at this point. i have people i deny rewards to all the time. it happens. if you want another drachorn that bad go buy one. o wait, how about this. ni did BRAITONS quest and STILL 5 months later not gotten a mutated. its a damn game stop with all the damn drama
  12. i get home from driving 8 hours home from a horendous vacation and find no MD. my life sucks....
  13. I found out he declared war when he gave me the forum topic. My role is to protect GG, in any war, outgoing or incoming, just as your role is to talk really stupid so nobody can understand you. It might not make sense but its how it is. I certainly am not going to defend Loreroot in a war between Golemus and Loreroot. I am going to defend Golemus. That has been my role since LONG before you came into these lands and will be my role LONG after you leave. If there is a war its my job, plain and simple. Quit trying to make things into what they are not. I am no more allied or sharing with GG then i am with Loreroot or even Necro for that matter.
  14. I felt it was necessary because you have the wrong impression on a lot of things. Like the treaty, Lady I is not why i did not sign the treaty. MR's dont work with GG in any way. MR's were fighting because its our job, not because Yrth asked us to. So yes, me correcting you was necessary.
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