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  1. Thanks everyone . I'm a little late, but better late then never!
  2. I would like to add that i support MRWanders decision. If the community all has seperate ideas on what the GGG should be then the community can be responsible for the area, rules, and leadership. I opened the MR's Training Grounds to help the community, with the understanding the community would want it as a whole. However some people decided to be "evil" or whatever and ruin it for everyone. I have no means of punishing the offenders. I CAN send them to the Tunnel of War, but every time i do they find someone with a GoE spell to get them right out. Then my punishment is a big joke to them. I
  3. I asked Mur for a signpost not too long ago and it is on his list of items to add in game. He is a busy man and will get to it when he can. That should solve a lot of problems
  4. hey bro thought i would say this kisses and hugs i missed you sorry for being gone for a long time

  5. Well to be honest, it is Mur's game. Is it really my place to object? The only reason i would not like to see it there is i fear players would go there to get the achievements then kill everyone there and leave. If it does become a Achievements area, i would like to see how it works and if it does not work i would like to move the Training Grounds to a new location. I guess it depends on the public to decide if they can control themselves enough to make it function correctly. So my vote is yes i would like to see it have achievements in there
  6. yea actually i lost over 2500 but i used a few shop stat boosters and got a lot of it back xD. shame i didnt think to screenshot it before i got them
  7. [img]http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h55/stanimalsrthemi/EXTREME.jpg[/img]
  8. Yes we are entirely different from the Dojo, and as dst stated during heads contest we end training due to the contest. Once the contest finishes, we will resume once again. We have our own rules, as ou can see on my alliance page, MRWanders alliance page, or MRV's alliance page. They also are listed above. Any further questions may be asked either her or mail me in game. As far as idle players goes, Idle players set their rituals before they go idle, and without them having their rituals the TG does not function properly, so there is no attacking idle player in the MR's Training Grounds wi
  9. It is possible. I need to document the Training Grounds progress, and get supporters for it also. Eventually i hope to make this a really big thing, where everyone fully knows what it is and everyone comes to benefit from it. Right now we only have 75 or so players who come daily to train, i would like to see that number hit 150 a day
  10. Yes this works also. As long as it does no damage to the person attacking you it is ok to use, but single creature only
  11. We would like to invite all players, any Mind Power, to join us at the Golden Globe Gazebo in MDA lands. We have a training area where we help others gain creature wins. The rules are basic. 1. - If in the Golden Globe Gazebo, you MUST set a SINGLE creature on weaken defense. Does not matter what type, as long as it does not do any damage 2. - All attacks are to be NON DAMAGE. Example: 3 grassans (lower levels target multiple so they cannot damage a single creature), 1 elemental doing weaken defense, 2 heretic archers set to weaken defense. 3. - If you accidently kill someones def
  12. Pirates were not clained by the sea they were in, but by the land where they came from and returned to. Plain and simnple pirates need a land base not just the sea. do they never dock? Heck no they have to dock somewhere. I support cryx and his role to such extents i would give him MY alliance if need be. His role is great, his ideas are great. GG is the best area for his homeland. He loves Golemus more than most of us. He has done his research and he chose Golemus for a good reason.
  13. You have been missed greatly and WHEN you come back me and my men will do anything we can to help you. Much has changed sionce you have been gone but my respect for you has not.
  14. I attempted to make a treaty with Nelya long long ago. I was basically blown off so i decided i did not want to pursue it further. We went through basic negotiations and eventually she ever read my mails and i gave up. As far as me and the MR's are concerned, there are NO treaties and we shouldnt have to be the ones ALWAYS going to the other alliances. And to clear it up, we are a ALLIANCE not a guild, guilds are the non fighting groups, we are a 50 seat ALLIANCE. We have been here a long time now and no other alliances/guilds have come to me for a treaty and at this point i feel it is too lat
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