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  1. Ok, this one I made today.

    But it still takes me to long to make one :)

    and it's not really perfect, but i don't think many people would see that in the small avatar


    Anyway it was a good exercise, it's been 2 years since my last drawing.

    I think it needs less detail...

    That is something I can't compete against. It's rather stunning, you did a great job.

  2. Ok, here's one more attempt. Tell me your honest opinion about it (like a complete stranger wouldn't) and if you'd like, tell me what I need to fix. It's a catfish, catfish are bottom feeders, just like me :3 (joke... I think). And once again my scanner screwed me over, I'm working on overcoming that problem so bear with me for the time being.


  3. I use a 0.5 mechanical pencil with HB leads. I sometimes supplement that with a woodless pencil of the same hardness. I use a kneaded rubber eraser when I need to erase and I typically draw on a Strathmore drawing pad. I can look up the weight and other characteristics later if you want those. Also, some of my drawings are done on typical 20 lb bond printer paper. The paper doesn't have a lot of effect on it, although I prefer the heavier texture on the drawing pad as the printer paper has a slicker surface and doesn't hold the graphite as well.

    This is good, I use 24 lb. I'm not sure if the .5 mechanical is similar to a regular HB or not.

  4. Not too bad. I can see what you mean about your scanner. The drawing looks like some of the lines faded and it produced some pixelly artifacts in the shading. The shape is good. The blended shading isn't quite the technique I'm looking for, but it's not bad.

    Do you have more I can see?

    I'll have to make more and currently it is 11:30 PM, not a good time for me to be attempting to draw. I'd be happy to make something else. Anything you have in mind?

    Oh, I just remembered some of my deviantArt works and I could supply some of those even though I've inked most of them. One is a cartoon I did recently... it's rather random.




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