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  1. Your proportions are a bit off too, the feet should be as long as the forearm and his calves should be a little larger. You have the right idea, you just need a little more attention to detail.
  2. Here's another attempt. A foxy warrior in battle gear.
  3. That is something I can't compete against. It's rather stunning, you did a great job.
  4. Ok, here's one more attempt. Tell me your honest opinion about it (like a complete stranger wouldn't) and if you'd like, tell me what I need to fix. It's a catfish, catfish are bottom feeders, just like me :3 (joke... I think). And once again my scanner screwed me over, I'm working on overcoming that problem so bear with me for the time being.
  5. This is good, I use 24 lb. I'm not sure if the .5 mechanical is similar to a regular HB or not.
  6. Question though, what type of pencil are you using for these drawings? Just a basic #2 or a different hardness? Ok, here are some quick sketches to see if this is what you're getting at. Again, please bear with my scanner as it did make some lines fade again.
  7. I'll have to make more and currently it is 11:30 PM, not a good time for me to be attempting to draw. I'd be happy to make something else. Anything you have in mind? Oh, I just remembered some of my deviantArt works and I could supply some of those even though I've inked most of them. One is a cartoon I did recently... it's rather random.
  8. This isn't my best work and to be fair my scanner has a habit of making things look really poor. It's a sparrow with a ring in it's talon if you can't tell.
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