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  1. Here's my entry made using Paint. The Grasan is ready for Christmas. I warn you though, I'm not the best artist. Here he is.
  2. I'm selling a Heretic Archer and an Elemental. [s][b]Heretic Archer[/b] Stored Heat 581294 Won battles 328 Age 1174 [/s] [b]Elemental[/b] Stored Heat 448610 Won battles 144 Age 910 They have no tokens.
  3. I didn't do anything. I haven't even looked at the MDShop for 2 days. The only possibilities are that it's a bug or maybe someone hacked my account but it seems unlikely that someone will hack me and just use a credit.
  4. This might not be a bug but I thought I should probably post it here. I logged on today and found that my credit was gone. I had 1 credit yesterday but when I logged on today it wasn't there anymore. I didn't spend it on anything so I'm not sure what happened.
  5. Angien has been sold to an anonymous player. Please lock the thread.
  6. I have a wishpoint I can spare. How much are you offering for it?
  7. So, I want to sell an Angien Egg. It's age is really high (377), ready to be upgraded, but it doesn't have any stored heat or won battles. Anything goes so just offer whatever you want. Auction ends September 4th. Highest Bid: 4sc
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