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  1. Well Calyx.... Summer Over , Computer back near me .) , I want to sound my interest in this matter as of becoming your apprentice, that is all for the time being , lets be in touchs
  2. and btw if you need any help in that game , guide .... or a guild or some buffs or something just message me if you sign up ^^ have fun ... and above all remember magicduel !
  3. I Think "Beware of the Water Fairy" is something that will be uncovered as the water resides more... Something that lurks below the water.... As with the egg.... Nothing that is rational that comes to mind at the moment. But yeah... The Water Fairy is definetly some kind of guardian i would say....
  4. Well check out my comment and banner here in my statement something to do while waiting on regen atleast i find it helpful hope it helps you !
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