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  1. yep still alive, in a far far dimention :-)

  2. The puppy is alive! Come here you... I have some nice bones for you...

  3. perrobotillo Title:Necrovion's Hound/ Howling Hound Working under the command of his Dark Lord Khalazdad and The Shade Sentinel the dog acts as a guardian of the Howling Gates defending his land from those who stand against the shades.
  4. well it seems is up to Draconic and I for now.
  5. I love it , the closest to a robot dog allowed in MD. Thanks
  6. I'll settle with any of those ideas, whatever you find best. Im fine with it, otherwise a shady dog >)
  7. If there's a metal bunny then I guess a metal dog is possible, I can come up with a solution for the batteries.
  8. I did request my avatar before, but I understand everyone's bussy, mine according to my name should be something like Aibo, a robot dog. If you want to give it a try I would apreciate it.
  9. Im waiting for my perrobotillo to be ready before I get too attached to my Rockin Shade ( still love it ). Btw Perrobotillo means Robo puppy, so it would be something like Aibo ( Sony's robot dog )
  10. Then why dont enlist .Morpheus. and The Firestarter ( thyself )
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