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  1. guy once again why are you still talking, now shut the hell up. your merely being pointless and annoying, I'm tired of dealing with you. to be frank(like thats anything new) your being nothing but a brat who can't seem to get the point we have explained over and over again we know it's not perfect but we're trying unlike you, repeating the same problem over and over again is not helping, now don't bring it up again, ever. in fact if I ever see your name on this topic again it be too soon once again this is my nice request next time will be a flame filled rant only i
  2. we agree there burns more strategic types when be nice
  3. for you cry I'm helping ailith find a branding iron and whips :diablo: for bunny I say nightshade
  4. wisdom of the anicent masters, guide my hand and my heart. show me how to protect those I love! oh, great masters of old, please! give me the power to cut my own path though fate! - swordcuts maidens of life and light, save this mortal from the end. give me the strenght to fight death. please, great goddesses, allow the one who speaks this prayer to save just one life! - cures(intro) heres two I wrote not sure they are any good but I like em
  5. [quote name='MRWander' post='31117' date='May 14 2009, 06:21 PM']i think the dojo was supposed to do that but ive grinded my brain away and my memory could be wrong....[/quote] the dojo is a bit of both ritual training and stat griding at request,(and in some people's mind mostly for newbies) not set like the training ground
  6. only if the targets ve is high if it not it will not help at all
  7. I agree it should be called something else, I use mine to hold my pwr wishs and my quests. maybe it could be simple called the extra paper since most people use it to hold info that is extra and most of the time unimportant for day to day interactions/rp
  8. the stats were edited, the problem is it too weak for most people to use against a stronger fighter like me, and after it is killed you only have half the ve you would nomally killing you even faster
  9. 1. at the start it is meant to draw attacks to it self, so why is it's defence and ve so low 2. taking ve from allies? that makes it taking the attack pointless 3. theres already a far better single targeting lifestealer? why not something like defence to aid allies
  10. yes, and it set up totally wrong for it's purpose I'm not sure where to begin
  11. *blinks*thats going to die the first round
  12. [quote name='Akasha' post='30984' date='May 13 2009, 03:22 PM']:crazy: 'Guardians of the Root Alliance, which includes the Children of the Eclipse, the Savelite Church, and the Guardians of the Root guild.' :shok:[/quote] I know last I checked the Guardians of the Root is/was a fighting allance(this is supported by the number of members allowed) not a guild though admitly it has been a long time since I left the the Guardians of the Root maybe things changed while I wasn't looking
  13. [quote name='Burns' post='30980' date='May 13 2009, 03:10 PM']and i hope that the Knights of the New Moon won't be too easy to catch, and not too easy to crack up once they are caught... and brave enough to not log off, like the cowardly spies in the Shade War XD[/quote] hey I was a spy in the shade war and I was never caught and if I catch any spies cracking will be the least of their worries :diablo:
  14. awiiya, please tell me your making a joke
  15. *looks at dune in his hand*me and dst read some of the same scary oh and I read:star wars, star trek(not as much as I used to)R.A salvatore, some forgotten realms and other fantasy and a rather long list of manga
  16. is it just me is is it starting to seem like he hasn't actually drawn anything he claims to have
  17. stormrunner

    I'm back!

    welcome back to the asylum, we hope this stay is as fun as your last
  18. I called him out and the top one, the ivy, and lizard man look a likes,
  19. they are ledah's not real alliance, not to be put on the list
  20. I've been trying to find away to get into the gaveyard but it not going well
  21. here a thought on the item Market Values with silver/gold common items = 1 or 2 silver items noted as for item creation quest or being magic in nature = 3 - 5 rare = 5 to 10 or a 1 gold depending on if magical in nature or just hard to find role related = no body going to trade but can be used as reason for refusing reasonable trade without scorn but no body need more then 3 of this and the extreme high end
  22. hmm, that seems a little high to me but for now since gold is so rare I guess it works
  23. thats good to hear next time I have to look something up.
  24. what archivists giving out infomation when did this start and who forgot to tell me <--- last time tried to get infomation from archivists was during ren's time
  25. I support that idea heros and villains of the past should always be remembered
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